For today’s Friday Photo Feature, we selected an image from Dallas wedding photographer, Leslie Spurlock. This British Columbia beauty was captured during an Emerald Lake wedding photo shoot and is full of all the glorious greens you would expect from the area! Despite the rain and 40-degree chill, Leslie managed to nail a shot that this couple won’t soon forget.

Leslie’s highlight of the shoot?

“After it rained a bit, a beautiful rainbow came out. I managed to get a couple of shots real quick with it before it disappeared.”

KJ-2025Want to re-enact this shot?

Brides: Your main job is to keep you and your hubby from falling in the water!

Photographers: Make sure you expose a tad bit darker for the bride and groom so you don’t blow out the mountains in the distance. Leslie captured this particular shot with her Canon 5d MarkII with her 70-200 lens and had her temp set to 7200K.

If you loved this Emerald Lake wedding photo as much as we did, visit Leslie Spurlock Photography and see more!

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