Thought the uniqueness ended with the Doctor Who engagement session? Think again! This time, Justin and Laurie have tied the knot, and what else would you expect them to have but a Doctor Who wedding? (Yes the TARDIS made it this time too!)

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Doctor Who is a British science fiction TV show that depicts the adventures of a Time Lord who explores the universe in his TARDIS (a time-traveling space ship). His mission? To save civilizations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs. (Talk about a wedding based on benevolence!)

Check out the awesome photos captured by Davey Morgan Photography:

Doctor Who WeddingDavey Morgan Photography“Rose and angel wings for ‘Rose Tyler’ and ‘Weeping Angel’ references from Doctor Who!”

Davey Morgan Photography Davey Morgan Photography“The groom, Justin, arrived in the TARDIS for his first look!”

Doctor Who Wedding Davey Morgan PhotographyDavey Morgan Photography Davey Morgan Photography Doctor Who Wedding Doctor Who WeddingDoctor Who Wedding264 165 195 352412 362491To see more photos from this unique Doctor Who wedding, visit Davey Morgan’s original post.

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