Summer is here, the sun is shining, and brides are busy planning their wedding. It is one of the best seasons to have a wedding and there are so many DIY summer wedding ideas that are so great and perfect for any summertime wedding. A wedding is all about the couple and showing who the couple is, so why not add a few DIY touches to make the day more unique and personal? These ideas we are going to show you today are fabulous ways to impress your guests and help keep some of your costs low!

Here are some great ideas to bring out your creative side that are also pretty simple to do. Your guests will love them and will definitely be thinking of you next time they have a DIY project!

Cocktail Table Cards

Your guests will love this thoughtful idea! It’s a great way to quench everyone’s thirst until they can get a drink of their own. The straws are also a great way to mark the glass so no one else takes their drink!

diy summer wedding

Photo Credit: Ira Lippke Studios

Program Fans

Planning an outdoor wedding and reception? Turn your program into a fan! Guests will be so thankful for something to keep them cool, especially if it’s a hot day!

                  Photo Credit: Casey Durgin Photography

Lemon Jar Center Piece

We absolutely loved this idea from Women Getting Married. You can cut down costs by making your own adorable centerpiece! This center piece screams summer while and will have people talking about how perfect they look. Don’t be surprised to find your guests snapping pics of these!

diy summer wedding

Photo credit: Women Getting Married

Citronella Candles

One of the hardest parts about summer is that the bugs come out to play. Help keep the area bug free by making this citronella candle we found at Adventures in Making. They are perfect centerpieces that will help create ambience later into the night and keep those pesky mosquito’s away! Definitely a win win.

diy summer wedding

Photo credit: Adventures In Making

Soda Stand

Kids and adults will love the idea of a soda stand. While this particular photo shows the stand in a laid back style, you can definitely put your own touch to make it fancier or theme oriented!

diy summer wedding

                      Photo Credit: Dana Grant Photography

Yoga Display

Boat Cooler

Having an outdoor wedding and love to go fishing? Then you should definitely turn a boat into a cooler. Your guests can help themselves to bottled drinks and it helps you save money!

diy summer wedding

               Photo Credit: Mellissa Schollaert Photography

Ring Toss

While everyone loves dancing at weddings, sometimes the feet need a break! Check out this Ring Toss game we found at Two Shades of Pink. Everyone will love an alternative to keep them entertained throughout the reception and kids will also be super thankful that they have something to play. Plus, this is a pretty cheap DIY that you can make multiples of and use for other occasions too!

diy summer idea

Photo credit: Two Shades Of Pink


Another fun idea for a game is this Tic Tac Toe game we found on Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. You can get really creative with how you want to make it and customize it to match your wedding colors! Make sure you get a fun picture playing it too!

diy summer wedding

Photo credit: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

Favor Box

Pallet projects seem to be the talk of many DIY projects. We found this fun and simple one that we think is so cute! Create your own box and paint on your own saying. Then fill it with some favors for your guests. We think the sunglass idea is great for an outdoor wedding!

diy summer wedding

Photo credit: Hi Miss Puff

Bug Spray

One of the worst parts of a summer night are those pesky mosquitos. Help yourself and your guests combat bug bites by making this DIY bug spray we found on Ever Mine. People will love the thought and effort you put into this, plus it’s all natural! Guests can bring home the rest of their bottle and everyone will be bite free while they have a nice momento to take from your wedding day!

diy summer idea

Photo credit: Ever Mine

All of these DIY projects are pretty simple and totally customizable. They are great ways to show off your creative side and they add perfect personal touches to the wedding! We hope these have brought you a little inspiration or gotten your mind thinking of other great DIY ideas you can do.

For other ideas, make sure to follow our Pinterest page and check out our Real Weddings section.

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