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Check out this guest post from Gary Sikes, President & CEO of AlbumExposure, about why the details matter:

There is just so much competition for people’s attention these days.  Minds seem to be full with so many different things to consider that it can be paralyzing to make decisions or even know how to discern the best option.  Your clients aren’t just going to hire you for your images, this we know…but the depth of things they have to consider or simply choose to consider is vast.  Is it style or price, maybe experience or personal connection, product offerings or location of studio, and the list goes on.  Many of these things have strong, definitive answers and serve as a way to position your brand in the marketplace.  For instance, you have a studio in town, you’re in their desired budget range, and they love your fashionable style.  If you’re positioned well, they will understand these things quickly in the vetting process and will likely be interested.

So, how do you get that positioning to sink all the way in and convince them that you’re the right choice despite all of the distractions?  Well, if you read the title of this blog article, then you already know the answer…it’s in the details.  How do you answer the phone, greet your guests when you meet, show hospitality, prepare for a meeting, provide materials, and reply to requests?  Likewise, where are the spots in the process that you can make small efforts that show you care, that you take your craft seriously, and that surprise or wow your guests?

I’m going to sound like a Boy Scout here, even though I dropped out after a few merit badges, but I believe that the biggest differentiator you have at your disposal is to always be prepared and define the details that will end up defining you (and your business).  Whether people vocalize it or not, they pay attention to the little details just as much as the bigger, more definitive ones.  If you pay attention to the smallest details in the sales process, then they will have confidence in you attending to all of the details of their big event.  Paying close attention to detail in your presentation and process will build loads of trust and confidence, plus if you remain consistent throughout the engagement, it will likely create loyalty and with loyalty comes referrals.

Don’t see the details of the process as a burden of the ‘business side’ of things, rather enjoy creating an experience for your clients which impresses so deeply that there really becomes no choice at all.

has a great offer for SnapKnot members as well:

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Head on over to check out AlbumExposure today!

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