We love hearing about wedding photographers who are involved in social media (SnapKnot offers an amazing suite of social media services to Premium members), which is why this story from Caster Creations really caught our eye. Aside from the wonderful photos of Marie and Pat’s wedding at the Crystal Lake Golf Club, its great to see the outcome of a creative contest that they ran from their Facebook page.

“If a smile is worth 1,000 words then Marie’s must be worth a million!  She looked amazing as she and Pat wed during an outdoor ceremony this month at the Crystal Lake Golf Club in Burriville, Rhode Island.  You might remember seeing the engagement photos I took of Marie & Pat in Wilcox Park as well as their maternity portraits.  They were also the winners of the Caster Creations 2010 Photography Contest.  When I reached 500 fans on FB, I chose a lucky couple at random to receive a day of wedding photography.”

Diamond ring on rose

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Marie & Pat Get Married! *Sneak Preview*

Caster Creations is a Premium Providence wedding photographer on SnapKnot.

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