Please help us welcome Jay McIntyre Photography to SnapKnot’s list of Toronto, Canada photographers!  Jay uses his love for imagery to help him capture dramatic wedding photos for his clients! Check it out:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Jay McIntyre Photography.  Toronto is home in so many ways!  I’ve tried to leave a few times, but it just won’t let me go.  I love the culture, the vibe, and personality that the city and people provide.

2) Why did you choose to become a photographer?

I’m not sure I had a choice.  I’ve always had an interest in imagery and photography, in my attempts to emulate the work that I admired, I had a lot of questions that had to be answered.  Figuring out how to capture images the way that I wanted them to appear  was the start of my journey as a photographer.

3) How long have you been a photographer?

Again, it’s difficult to answer, because of the always present interest and appreciation, but I’ve been getting serious about photography for the past 5 years.

4) How would you classify your style of photography?

I would say that my style is honest.  I try to convey the story that is happening around me.  I want a couple to look at a picture and instantly remember what was going on when it was taken.

5) Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?

One of the major voices in my work is Zack Arias.  Zack is a commercial and editorial photographer, and his brutal honesty reminds me how important it is to produce quality work, and to be willing to honestly evaluate what it is that I am shooting and how.  Apart from that, I have surrounded myself with a community of photographers, both online and in my personal life,  who’s work I admire.  Rubbing shoulders and talking photography with others can only lead to a stronger community producing better work.

6) Do you have any good wedding stories?

Every wedding is so full of personality from the bride and groom to their parents, guests, flower girls, ring bearers, etc. and each wedding has so many stories.  The first wedding that I ever shot was a mixture of excitement, and fear for me, I was surprised when the bride and groom were exchanging vows at how emotional I got, I found myself thinking about the love that the couple was sharing and the joy of entering into a lifelong commitment to each other.  I got quite choked up myself.  I try to bottle that up and bring it with me to each ceremony that I am invited to be a part of.

7) What’s your preferred type of camera equipment?

The kind that works.  I started with Canon gear and switched to Nikon because I found a great deal on an upgrade.  I love to shoot my film camera and even a toy camera.  My favorite camera of all time is my iPhone because it is always with me.  I don’t think I’ll ever try to shoot a wedding with one though.

8) What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?

Compare images, not prices.  you will find $500 photographers who’s work rivals $4000 photographers and you will also find $4000 photographers who’s work rivals $500 photographers.  What is important is that you find a photographer who is producing the type of images that you dream of having for your wedding.

9) Any fun personal facts we should know about you?

When I am not photographing something, you can often find me on the floor with one or all three of my children jumping or climbing all over me.  For some reason they think it’s fun.

I can always be bribed with Starbucks coffee and a pumpkin scone.

Mention SnapKnot when booking me for you wedding and receive a $150 discount.


To see more dramatic wedding photos from Jay, be sure and check out his website!

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