Social media is HUGE in business today. Most every person, young and old, is on some form of social media on a daily basis…. which means that your potential customers are there as well. That makes social media a big marketing aspect for your business. With that said, the social media realm changes so fast and it is hard to keep up. How do you know what type of posts will get the most interaction? We found this great article on QuickSprout that we wanted to share all about how to create the perfect social media post so you can interact with your followers (and potential customers) as best as you possibly can.


For any posts you do on Facebook, people love photos! It is important when posting to include a photo – and of course one that stands out above the rest is always encouraged! Isn’t the importance of photos just perfect if you do wedding photography? It is also important to provide valuable information in the post as well as a link that goes to your website where the viewer can see more. Using a link that you can track is a great idea so you can actually see how many clicks you are getting from your Facebook page.

It is also very important to interact with your followers rather than just constantly posting with no other communication. Make sure that when there is a conversation going within the comments of a post that you respond when necessary. It is even great practice to comment and like others posts.

And make sure to always remember that the majority of people who are on Facebook (and many other sites) are coming from a mobile device.

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The tricky thing with Twitter is that you have to make sure you post makes sense within the amount of characters you are allowed to use. Also, make sure you do not use grammar mistakes or miss punctuation when it is necessary. You are a business and you want to sound and look professional in every method of your marketing….even on social media.

Just like other sites, those on Twitter love photos and videos. Being a wedding photographer, you have so many great photos, so this should not be a problem! Do you do videography as well? Take snippets of those amazing moments and post when you can! You never know who may retweet it and help you increase your visibility.

Posting your own tweets is great, but your followers will also like to see things that you have retweeted, things that interest you and that you think your followers will also enjoy. This helps you to further engage with your followers rather than just posting once or twice (or 10 times!) a day.

Another important aspect to Twitter is hashtags. Use hashtags about your posts that will help to allow new users to find you!

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Pinterest is so visual, so what better space to showcase your amazing work!?! It is shown that pinners tend to pin photos that do not include human faces more often than ones that actually include people. Interesting, huh? Vertical posts also do much better than horizontal ones (but Pinterest was created for vertical images so that makes sense)!

Photos with color are more popular than black and white ones. It is even known that images that include red, dark green and pink earn 3 times more engagement. Photo backgrounds matter too.

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With Google+, it is said that headlines that have the best engagement have 60 characters or less. And make sure you add a link to your site in your description. When you are posting, be sure to tag those people and brands that you are talking about to help increase your engagement with those people. And of course anytime you talk about a topic that is trending, you will have more engagement and visibility.

This is another place where it is good to utilize hashtags and be sure to comment on others posts… both things that will help with your interaction. And don’t forget a great image to go along with your post!

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Your title of your YouTube video is what makes a person actually click and view that video, so you need to make sure it is exciting and understandable. Also, it is good to try and keep it to 70 characters or less to have the best results on both YouTube and Google. Then, in your description of your post, make sure you use many descriptive words and include a link to your website.

You can use your main keywords for your post as tags, that will help with your ranking in a YouTube search. Also, a custom thumbnail image does best… so make sure it is awesome!

Here is the great infographic from QuickSprout with all of the information above on how to create perfect social media posts. Enjoy!

create perfect social media posts
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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