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Recently we blogged about Greg Rewis and Stephanie Sullivan, who shared their wedding vows via Internet over Twitter. That was a
planned ceremony.

For Sean and Natalie Murtaugh, their internet vows were anything but planned. Sean is originally from London and his wife Natalie is from Australia. The couple had a civil ceremony in Brisbane and were planning on flying back to the UK to celebrate with family and friends yesterday.

However, due to the pervasive volcanic ash cloud over Europe and closed British air space, the couple found themselves stuck in Dubai when they transferred planes on their trip from Australia.

Much to the couple’s delight, the staff at the Millenium Airport Hotel in Dubai hosted a ceremony for them, complete with a video projector, laptop, and Skype set up so that they could share the ceremony with their friends and family.

“They have decorated the lobby of the hotel. They made us a three tier wedding cake, set up a laptop with Skype and a projector,” said Mr Murtagh.

“It’s spellbinding the amount they have done for us.

“It’s been an incredible day. We were never going to forget it anyway but we certainly won’t forget it now.”

A great story. Technology making possible what would have been a disappointment and a huge inconvenience otherwise.

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