Daniel Sather brings us to St. Louis for this week’s Friday Photo Feature (you can see last week’s British Columbia beauty here). Jordan and Alina chose to have their City Museum wedding portraits in a unique location- a ferris wheel! The couple seem unfazed despite the somewhat hair-raising setting of their photo shoot.

“I had the ferris wheel operator pause up at the tip top for a minute while I grabbed a couple of shots. I was able to yell out posing directions to the couple from the sit I was in.”

City Museum Wedding Photo from Daniel Sather Photo VideoWant to re-enact this shot?

Brides: Dream big! Sather encourages couples to pick awesome locations for their weddings, and to not settle for anything less than you want.

“Your wedding is a once in a lifetime thing.”

Photographers: When the wedding schedule is being put together, really push for some portrait time when you know the light will be good. This shot was taken just as the sun was setting.

If you loved this ferris wheel photo as much as we did, visit Daniel Sather Photography!

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