Everyone who is planning a wedding now-a-days loves to see how they can find ways to save money anywhere they can. Some couples hope that they can find cheap wedding photographers. A photographer is one of the most important parts of your wedding celebration because you will have the photographs as wedding memories for the rest of your life. You will show the wedding photos to children and grandchildren one day. You may have pictures of your engagement, bridal or wedding portraits up on your wall for all to see. And on anniversaries to come you and your spouse can sit down together and remember the amazing time you had on your wedding day. So you need to make sure you find the best wedding photographer for you… not necessarily just a cheap wedding photographer but not necessarily the most expensive wedding photographer in your area either.

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What exactly is it that typically makes cheap wedding photographers versus a more expensive one? There are many variables involved, but many new wedding photographers who are just starting out in the industry might want keep their wedding photography prices cheaper while they are trying to build up their wedding portfolio. A cheap wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not as great or that their wedding photos are not as high in quality, so that is why it is important to check out all the wedding photographers in your area (not just specific ones simply based on cheap price only) before you narrow down your options.

Also, make sure you do not forget that, just like any company, there are costs associated with running a wedding photography business. There are many expenses and overhead costs that wedding photographers have to factor into their pricing. Some wedding photographers have an actual studio where others may simply work from their home. Some wedding photographers stay very busy and need an assistant or additional photographers working for them, while some prefer to work on their own. And of course there are costs associated with the various cameras and equipment that is needed. Sometimes these are the differences that contribute to being a cheap wedding photographer versus an expensive wedding photographer.

If you hire a wedding photographer that likes to work on their own, and therefore might be a more cheap wedding photographer, there could be a chance that they miss a fun moment of the wedding because they are only one person and simply can not be in every corner capturing every single moment of your day. If you have a wedding photographer that has additional photographers that they bring, they will likely be able to capture more of those special moments because they will be able to spread out throughout the celebration. But if you are having a small, intimate ceremony and reception, one photographer may be all you need!

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Photo Credit: Sam Hurd Photography

Here are a few ideas of ways to help keep your wedding photography cost down…rather than choosing the cheap wedding photographers right away (or the most expensive!) without doing any additional research:

1. Compile a list of the type of wedding photos you MUST HAVE before you start talking to wedding photographers. Do you want an engagement session or have always dreamed of doing a trash the dress session? Do you want a photo with every family member and group photos with friends? Try to figure out what you want upfront so you know what you can live without.

2. Look at the different types of wedding packages each photographer offers because many times packages tend to give you more for a specific price. Many wedding photographers offer a list of their packages on the SnapKnot profiles in a PDF form that you can download.

3. Think about having your wedding on the off-season or a weekday. Just like most wedding venues, photographers are on high-demand on the weekends. You may find that some expensive wedding photographers actually become a bit cheaper during the off-season, last minute or during the week.

4. Do you research on all the wedding photographers in the area that you are looking to get married in. Just because one happens to have cheap wedding photography prices, it doesn’t mean their photos are lower quality or that you do not get as much time with them. And the same goes for the most expensive wedding photographer in the area…  just because they are the most expensive wedding photographer doesn’t mean they will provide you with the exact type of photos you are looking for. Just remember, every photographer is different and offers a different style to their photos and you need to talk to them to find out which is the best for you.

5. Going along with the point above, when looking for photographers in different local areas, will your wedding photographer have to to travel far to get to the location of your wedding? Be sure to find out if they charge extra for mileage or if that is included in your package price. If it is not included, it is good to know upfront so you do not get an additional charge you were not expecting!

There is a customer for every photographer at every level… you just have to make sure you do your research, ask all the questions you can and make sure you know what you are getting for the cost upfront so you and the photographer you choose is the perfect match! Just remember its not all about cheap wedding photographers or expensive wedding photographers – its about lasting memories and getting quality wedding photos that will last for a lifetime.

On SnapKnot, you can find your perfect wedding photographer by location, budget and visual style just by signing up for a FREE account.  On their profile it shows samples of their work, lists more personal details as well as studio details. When you contact them you can include your wedding details such as budget, date, and specific needs including bridal portraits and trash the dress, and if you are looking for a specific theme. You can watch the video below that will give you an idea of how it works and then sign up on our homepage.

You can do your own search through the thousands of photographers listed, visit the profiles of your favorites and contact any of them that you’d like to talk with further. Or, to save time, you can answer a few quick questions to begin your search and based on the criteria you specified, we will match you with photographers in your area! How simple is that?

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So if you are a bride or groom looking for a wedding photographer (whether it be cheap wedding photographers OR expensive wedding photographers OR something in between!), be sure you sign up for your free account and get started finding your perfect photographer!

If you want to learn more, check out our other posts on wedding photography pricing and wedding photographer advice.

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