Whether you’re a busy bride who needs a healthy way to fuel your day between cake tastings and wine pairings, a bridesmaid looking for the perfect gift for your foodie BFF or simply tired of browsing through endless registries only to find the same ceramic salad dish and desperate to give a gift that’s unique, out-of-the-box, delicious and memorable, we’ve got exactly what you need!

SnapKnot has partnered with Undiscovered Kitchen, a business on a mission to support and empower local artisan makers across the country by helping you discover unique artisan food and gifts you can’t find anywhere else!

And now, you have exclusive access to $10 OFF the entire Undiscovered Kitchen Artisan Gift Collection featuring 3 unique gourmet gift boxes including an Artisan BBQ Gift Box, Healthy Artisan Snacks Gift Box and a Gourmet Gluten Free Artisan Snacks Gift Box with artisan made products from makers around the country. Simply use the promo code “SNAPKNOT” to save $10 at checkout.

Undiscovered Kitchen Gift Collections for SnaoKnot – Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Food And Gifts

Gourmet Artisan BBQ Gift Box – Filled with the most unique artisan sauces and spices, this Gourmet Artisan BBQ Gift Box makes the PERFECT gift for any BBQ lover or foodie fanatic (we promise)! Curated with the most interesting products from makers across the country, you’ll find Organic Hot Winter Hot Sauce made with a unique variety of pepper called the Hot Winter Pepper that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, Mike’s Hot Honey infused with chilies and made in Brooklyn, Cathy’s Sassy Bloody Mary Grilling Sauce crafted to perfection after 30 years of tailgating parties, and so much more!

Gourmet Healthy Artisan Energy Snacks – Nourish your body and mind with Undiscovered Kitchen’s gourmet collection of healthy artisan energy snacks! This NO JUNK snack box features the most delicious products made with the highest quality ingredients to give your body the fuel it needs to stay focused, productive and energized at work, on-the-go, at the gym and in between! This unique collection includes the Mocha Cayenne Yes Bar, Activation Energy Granola by Granola Lab, Organic High Antioxidant Trail Mix by All Good Provisions, and so much more!

Gourmet Gluten Free Snack Box – Gluten free should never mean delicious-free … Am I right?! Give your body the (gluten free) fuel it needs to feel good and be at the top of your game all day long! Featuring unique snacks from makers across the country like Gluten Free Orange Ginger Turkey Jerky by Pure Provisions, Gluten Free PB&J Bar by Exo, Gluten Free & Raw Peanut Butter Choco Chip Protein Bar by Papa Steve’s NO JUNK Protein Bars, and more!

Undiscovered Kitchen Gift Collections for SnaoKnot – Digital Farmers Market For Small Batch Food And Gifts

SAVE $10 ON ALL 3 GIFT COLLECTIONS by using the promo code SNAPKNOT at checkout!

Undiscovered Kitchen is a digital farmers market for small batch foods with a focus on finding products that fit your lifestyle! You can shop by health and diet needs like vegan, gluten free and raw as well as find fitness fuels and snacks to power active lifestyles.

Happy gifting!

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