This week’s Friday Photo Feature brings us to the sandy beaches of Mexico. Britanee and Ryan had their Cabo San Lucas wedding portraits taken by Boston wedding photographer, Josh Fisher, who skillfully captured this breathtaking shot. The soft yet vivid colors paired with the textures of rock, water, mountain and sky could not provide a more romantic setting for this special moment.

Cabo San Lucas Wedding Portraits from Josh Fisher PhotographyWant to re-enact this shot?

Brides: Make sure to have fun and relax. It is your wedding day; trust your photographer to capture a brilliant photo.

Photographers: Pay attention to details. After you set the couple up, make sure to do a quick visual scan of the couple. Look at hair, collars, straps showing, weird folds, etc. Details matter.

If you loved this breathtaking Cabo San Lucas wedding shot, check out more of Fisher’s work at Josh Fisher Photography.

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