SnapKnot is pleased to introduce Brooke Schultz Photography, one of the most recent additions to our list of Salt Lake City, Utah Photographers! Brooke’s beautiful wedding photography reflects her passion for capturing timeless moments and she works hard to portray a distinguished love and beauty in her wedding photos.

bride, bridesmaids

bride, groom, nuzzling, noses

bride, veil, covering, face

“With a blend of the photojournalistic, the fresh, the timeless, and the passionate–infused into every pixel–we’re creating not only beautiful art, but daily reminders of how abundant and rich in love and beauty your life is.”

beautiful, bride, beach

bride, groom, holding, hands, laughing

flower, girls, orange, dresses, hugging, each, other

“I’m passionate about wedding photography with soul–photographs that will never be cookie cutter but will always be timeless.”

Brooke Schultz Photography is a wonderful addition to our list of Salt Lake City, Utah Photographers with her timeless and beautiful wedding photography!

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