There is so much awesome wedding photography out there but there are times when mother nature may try to get in the way. There is no need to let bad weather on your wedding day ruin everything… including your mood! You can not change the weather, but you can always plan ahead and work with the weather to make the best of the situation.

And that is exactly what these couples did… not one of them let the bad weather run their day. Each wedding photographer took the situation and captured the moment perfectly, and here are some great photos that we found on Mashable that are simply wonderful!

weather on your wedding day, Tom Hall Photography

Photo Credit: Tom Hall Photography

DeLorenzo Photography

Photo Credit: DeLorenzo Photography


Just remember, you can not change the weather, so why not work with it and come up with some beautiful wedding photos just like these local photographers did with their clients. They definetly did not let bad weather on your wedding day ruin their entire day, mood and photos.

If you liked these photos, you just have to look at this rainy engagement session in Kansas… it is AMAZING!

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