Looking for something different? Shamir Fersobe is a wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer based in Miami, Floria who specializes in modern and slightly abstract wedding photos. Although he takes a classic approach from time to time, Shamir prefers to focus on shadows and contrast with his photographs.

Snapknot ProfileHow did Shamir get into wedding photography? His family owns a modeling agency in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic so he grew up watching professional photographers shoot the models. The “spark” came a few years ago, when he recognized his passion for photography and visual arts. He has now been shooting professionally for six years and loves every second of it!

His advice for couples just starting their search for a wedding photographer?

“Look for someone who understands your needs and that can deliver exactly what you want. Remember tat you get what you pay for!”

Abstract Wedding Photos from Shamir Fersobe PhotoAbstract Wedding Photos from Shamir Fersobe Photo Abstract Wedding Photos from Shamir Fersobe PhotoA couple fun facts about Shamir? He is also a private pilot, radio host, and has a love for musical instruments (specifically the piano, guitar, and drums)!

He also loves weddings so much that it is not uncommon for him to be found dancing with the bride!

To see more modern, abstract wedding images, visit Shamir Fersobe Photo.

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