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6 Perfect Spring Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Spring has sprung and the time has come for wedding season to begin. So much attention and detail goes into planning every part of the wedding, including picking out the bridesmaid dresses. Today, we are here with some fabulous spring bridesmaid dress ideas!

Your head may spin thinking about what colors fit your not only your wedding theme, but also the season. Spring is wonderful because there are so many colors to choose from! You can keep it soft with pastels or be vibrant with bright colors.

Another thing to consider is the style of the dress. Depending on the location of the wedding, the Spring season may still be a bit chilly or it can be nice and toasty. It’s important that no matter what the weather holds, your girls are just as comfortable as you. Those that are still feeling the last bits of cold in the air, consider pairing the dress with a cute layer for warmth. Then when the dancing gets going, it’s easy for your bridesmaids to shed off the layer while still looking beautiful!

From simple to elegant we have you covered on different styles that your girls will absolutely love! Take a look below and hopefully this will bring you some great inspiration for your own day.

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

Photo Credit: Halter Ranch

Summer Pop Offer

Photo credit: Studio Something

Photo Credit: OneLove Photo

Bridesmaid dress shopping is another planning part that should be fun and exciting. We hope that some of the dresses shown throughout these pictures helped shape the image in your mind for your own wedding even more! We would love to see what you picked out, so make sure to tag us on Instagram @snapknot.

Now is also the time to start thinking about those wedding dress dreams. We have 10 Dress Trends for this year right here!


Dreamy New York Engagement Session

Today we are showcasing a dreamy New York engagement session between Tracy and Robert. As you may know, New York City has endless possibilities when it comes to a photoshoot, and this lovely couple decided to keep it classy and iconic. Exploring Central Park and the Louis Vuitton corporate building, Sophie of Sophie Kawalek Photography shot the beautiful images! Tracy and Robert showed off their love not only for each other, but also for the city that never sleeps during their session. Tracy shared with us a little about the love story between her and Robert that led to a forever fairy tale dream:

“Robert and I first met in 2013 when he tutored me on an MBA economics assignment prior to starting medical school. We quickly became good friends and stayed in touch even after my class was over. We became inseparable the following summer and started dating. For the next 4 years, Robert was a medical student at McGovern Medical School in Houston while I worked in the Oil & Gas industry while pursuing my MBA. On Match Day in late March 2017, it was revealed that Robert had matched to Cornell in Manhattan, New York. He proposed in late April and moved to NY to start residency in June- I moved at the beginning of August. Fast forward to a couple of months later… Robert’s schedule as a 1st year resident at New York Presbyterian has been hectic while I started working at the NY corporate office of Louis Vuitton. During a team lunch on the 14th floor, I was inspired by the beautiful city views from the terrace. The city view consisting of the trees in Central Park, the Empire State Building, and The Plaza Hotel was so iconic and dreamy. The terrace was also very private which was perfect for the shoot. We are loving our life as New Yorkers and can’t wait to tie the knot in Houston next May!”New York engagement

New York engagement

New York engagement

New York engagement

Thank you so much, Tracy, for not only sharing your beautiful story but also these lovely photos! We absolutely love how Sophie was able to capture the peacefulness of the park and the majestic beauty of the buildings. To see more of Sophie’s work you can visit her website at sophiekawalekphotography.com. There is always something timeless about incorporating older buildings into photos, and we love the idea of using them for an engagement session!

If you loved this engagement session then get ready because you are definitely going to love this Brooklyn Session as well! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your beautiful photos so we can give it some love. You can find us @snapknot!

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Elegant Floral Wedding in California

This week are showcasing a stunning floral wedding that took place in sunny California. Marcia and Matt, the lovely couple, chose to hold their big day at The Terrace Willow Glen in San Jose. Surrounded by loved ones, the couple said their vows and celebrated forever together.

Holly of Holly D Photography captured the day and all the beautiful moments that took place. Holly has done an absolutely amazing job at capturing the pure joy on each persons face. Each photo has stunning lighting that highlights the background of the venue perfectly. This wedding is a wonderful example of how simple bouquets can be the perfect touch. Look out for the dessert bar pictures because we love how fun and unique they are!

Thank you so much, Holly, for submitting these stunning photos. We absolutely love how bright and magical this wedding was. There is nothing better than seeing a couple so in love like Marcia and Matt. This wedding is a wonderful showcase of how far simple touches can go. Check out more of Holly’s work at hollydphotos.com or on her SnapKnot profile.

Travel with us to Florida so see this absolutely gorgeous intimate outdoor wedding! Just like Matt and Marcia’s wedding, this Florida wedding will also make you swoon!

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Get Everything You Need For Married Life With A Wayfair Registry

Are you still looking for a great place to register for your wedding? Wayfair Registry has gifts for every aspect of your home from kitchen, dining, bed and bath and outdoors! With millions of products to choose from, you will never run out of registry gift ideas!

Here are 6 reasons to have your wedding registry at Wayfair:

  1. Free shipping – no matter how big or small the gift, everything ships to the couple for free!
  2. Extra 10% off – For up to 6 months after your big day, you will receive a 10% discount on everything left on your registry that was no purchased.
  3. Customizable checklist – Wayfair really has everything you need for your new life together, and their customizable checklist helps you to be sure you register for everything needed.
  4. Group Gifting – Multiple guests can chip in together to purchase some of your bigger wishes on your list.
  5. Free Returns – If you receive a wedding gift that you had on your registry but decide you do not like or need it, you can return it for a store credit for up to 90 days after your wedding date.
  6. Registry specialist are there to help you! – Registrants and their guests receive personalized support and guidance from the Wayfair specialists.


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Tips For A Perfect Engagement Session

Getting engaged is just the start of a beautiful and wild ride that you and your fiancé will take. The thought of engagement photos is probably one of the first on things to get done before the big day; so we reached out to some photographers to get some tips they have for the perfect engagement session! From ways to feel comfortable to making sure the pictures are just what you dreamed of, these photographers provided some insight to questions you may not even think to ask.

Holly from Holly D Photography had a lot of great insight to share as well! “Sit down with your photographer first hand and get to know them. It’s a good idea to feel your photographer out by making sure that they are a good fit for you and your fiancé! This is the perfect time to make sure that your personality’s do not clash and that you all get along really well. This will make for a great day of photos! It is also important to be open and talk about what you envisioned for your photographs. Think about your color scheme, location, props used and different ideas that you might have. Lastly, discuss what you plan to wear and make sure you will feel comfortable in the clothes you will be wearing. Don’t forget to plan for all types of weather, just in case!”

You can look at more of Holly’s work on her SnapKnot profile or at hollydphotos.com.

engagement session

Photo credit: Holly D Photography

engagement session

Photo credit: Holly D Photography

linkElissa from Elissa Deline Photography gave us a lot of great advice from planning your session to how to feel during it.

“1. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It’s a great resource for finding what inspires you, what photography style moves you and what type of photographer you want to have document the beginning of your ultimate adventure with the love of your life. Don’t let Pinterest become any more than that. Try not to get hung up on having a photo that looks exactly like something you pinned. I encourage my clients to share Pinterest boards they’ve created but I always reassure them that these are only starting points, idea boards. What we create together on your shoot will be our own exclusive collaboration. It will be our take on what love looks like.

2. Give in to the process and trust your photographer. Allow yourself to be completely immersed in the moments that you create with your fiancé on your shoot; have fun, be silly, play, dance, ugly laugh, be present. Your photographer wants to capture the most authentic, unfiltered you. Remember all the reasons you hired your uber talented photographer – trust their unique perspective, knowledge of lighting and perfect timing, and their ability to work your angles and make you look fantastic!

3. This is something people are usually the most concerned about. I always say above anything else, wear something that you feel absolutely bulletproof in. Select clothes that makes you feel beautiful, confident and invincible. Feel it mentally, emotionally, physically, artistically, lovingly, adventurously (insert all the adverbs!), and wholeheartedly. Stay true to your style, flatter your body type, your confidence will show as much as (if not more than) the frock you choose. Wear something that makes you feel how you love to feel. The idea is to coordinate, not match. So, you both don’t have to wear white button-down shirts and khakis, just look like you belong together as a couple.”

To see more of Elissa’s work you can visit her website at elissadelinephotography.com

enagement session

Photo credit: Elissa Deline Photography

engagement session

Photo credit: Elissa Deline Photography

Megan from Meha Photography came to us with tips about lighting and location. “Be flexible with the timing of your shoot. People think that mid day is a great time since there is so much natural light, but it can cast weird shadow and cause those squinty eyes. If you’re constantly squinting to keep the sun out of your eyes you aren’t going to be comfortable and it will be much harder to have fun during the shoot! When it comes to location, always feel free to ask for suggestions. Chances are that your photographer has a bunch of places in mind depending on the setting you want. We know which areas will give you the best pictures!”

You can visit more work from Meha Photography at her Facebook Page.

Photo credit: Meha Photography

Photo credit: Meha Photography

Wedding Photographers on SnapKnot

We hope these engagement session tips have been helpful for your upcoming engagement session! Always be open and clear with your photographer and ask any questions you may have. They will help guide you through the process so that you get the results you want! Remember to have fun, you will cherish these photos for a lifetime!

Be sure to check out this posing guide to get some ideas for poses you may want to use during your session. They are simple and beautiful, but be open to any ideas your photographer may have as well. They want to give you those magical photos!

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6 Fun Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

When you are planning your wedding, you want to be sure it is fun and memorable for all your guests….both young and old! The great thing is that there are SO MANY awesome ideas that you can do. Depending on if you are having an outdoor celebration, looking to add a little flair or give the kids something to keep them busy, check out these fun wedding ideas that your guests are sure to love!

A popcorn box that doubles as a program! Your guests can munch on yummy popcorn while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

fun wedding ideas

Photo credit: Laura Dee Photography

Give your guests a mini tissue box… perfect in case there are some criers in the audience.

fun wedding ideas

Photo credit: Something Turquoise

Give your little wedding guests a fun place to play!

fun wedding ideas

Photo credit: Arrowood Photography and Bella Dolce Events

There is nothing better than a little humor to get the party going! Fun signs throughout are a great way to spice up the decor.

fun wedding ideas

Photo credit: The Style Co

Having fun games for an outdoor wedding is something your guests will love! Making larger versions of childhood favorites is so easy to do!

fun wedding ideas

Photo credit: Kate Jackson

A video booth is a great place for guests to tell you fun stories or advice they have for you!

Photo credit: Brooke Courtney

These wedding ideas came from the original article on Huffington Post. Here are some other awesome wedding ideas you will want to check out:

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Splendid Farm Wedding in Maryland

This week we are showcasing a beautiful farm wedding submitted to us by Alicia from Whole Blossoms. Ashleigh and Michael celebrated their special day in a small town in Maryland. Their day was filled with family, friends, and lots of love. Bello’s Portraits captured all the special moments for the couple and they are stunning!

Ashleigh shared with us some thoughts about her and Michael’s special day:

“My husband and I wanted a wedding celebration that reflected who we are so we opted
for an outdoor picnic wedding experience. We didn’t let ourselves be confined by any
rules or traditions we didn’t want to incorporate and the result was a day full of love and
fun – something you can really see in the photos! The flowers were the perfect accent to
the beautiful scenery around us.

My husband and I were married at Valley of Hope Farm in Oakland, Maryland. I was a DIY Bride and crafted my own invitations and decorations. The evening before the wedding, three of my closest friends and I gathered to assemble the flowers I had ordered from Whole Blossoms. They arrived 2-3 days before the ceremony and kept beautifully in large tubs of fresh water. The experience of putting together my bouquet and the table centerpieces was a great way to bond and talk about our excitement for the coming day. I wore a Melissa Sweet dress from David’s Bridal with Nina Melinda shoes and my makeup was done by a local makeup artist, Jade Browning. My husband wore a suit from Express, a Prescott Floral Necktie from Wild Ties and suspenders from MountainLeather on Etsy.”

rick bayless recipes

Thank you so much, Alicia, for this wonderful submission! The photos are absolutely stunning and the views are breathtaking. The flowers in these photos were provided by Whole Blossoms. They have a beautiful selection to meet your flower needs for your special day. If you enjoyed this wedding then you will surely love this summer farm wedding in Pennsylvania!

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Photography Spotlight: Burnseye Photography

We are so thrilled that we had so many amazing photos entered into our first photo contest at Best Photo Contests! Today, we want to give a photography spotlight to Shawn Burns with Burnseye Photography who was one of our 5 runner ups with his photo below called “Rustic Kiss.”

Before you read more below from Shawn, make sure you enter your photo into the next photo contest that Best Photo Contests will be starting in April 2018. There will be more than 1 category this time… so stay tuned so you can enter for your very own chance to win.

How did you first get into photography?

“Growing up my father was an avid amateur photographer. I found the same passion early in life, which led to a great starting point when I was formally trained in high school and later in college.”

Do you only photograph weddings /engagements /couples?

“I specialize in weddings and engagements; however capturing any moment that is special in someone’s life is an honor. I have enjoyed shooting many various events; like photos of a cooking show for the Vice Channel, and Monks giving welcoming prayers to the Tibetan women’s soccer team arriving in America for the first time. I am honored to be the photographer for any event in someone’s life.”

Where is the coolest place you have ever shot a wedding / engagement?

“Shooting a destination wedding in Lima, Peru was an incredible experience. The culture and landscapes were overwhelmingly amazing.”

What is your absolute favorite thing to photograph?

“I love to photograph people in a way that highlights a significant part of their life. For example: a couple on their wedding day, musicians with their favorite guitar, a ballet dancer practicing in her studio, or showcasing a skateboarder’s favorite trick. Everyone deserves to have their moment look like a magazine cover and preserved forever.”

What type of style would you say fits you best?

“Having mobile studio lights that are entirely operated on battery power allows me to achieve a specific fine art studio portraiture look on any location.”

What is your most favorite shoot you have ever had and why?

“A couple I had previously done photos for had asked me to do their engagement shoot / wedding ceremony in Longwood Gardens, PA. They wanted to announce their engagement to family and friends but secretly get married as well. We spent the day together walking the grounds and getting the most genuine shots of their relationship. When evening came we found a secluded spot in the park under Christmas lights and I performed a short yet intimate ceremony. It wasn’t just the photos I took that day; it was about a powerful experience with clients who trusted me to be such a huge part in their lives.”

burnseye photography

What type of camera do you use and why?

“I shoot with two Nikon cameras, a D810 for fine art portraits and a D500 for fast moving action shots. Collectively they are the tools that allow me to capture any type of situation and lighting environment.”

burnseye photography

Are there any other fun or interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share?

“In 2007 I built an award winning wooden kayak from scratch out of an old redwood barn that was being taken down.”

burnseye photography

If you are looking for a photographer to take your bridal, wedding or engagement photos, be sure to contact Shawn with Burnseye Photography. Visit his website at www.burnseyephotography.com for more information about his services. You can also visit his SnapKnot profile.

Stay tuned for the other spotlight posts on the rest of the runners up from the Best Photo Contests winners over the next few weeks!

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Stunning Rustic Wedding in Texas

This week we are showcasing a stunning rustic wedding that took place in a charming town in Texas. Leigh and Trey celebrated their special day at the Bavarian Halle filled with family and friends. Royce Walston of Walston Photo captured the beautiful couple’s day. Here is a little of what Royce has to say about the couple and their wedding day:

“German heritage is woven through all of New Braunfels, Texas. This town is best known for Wurstfest and the award winning water park, Schlitterbahn. New Braunfels is a community of amazing people, and wonderful hospitality. Schlitterbahn has always been known for its fantastic atmosphere, and delightful customer service. The venue had all the infrastructure in place for hosting large groups of people, so the transition to becoming a wedding venue was practical.

Bavarian Halle, one of the resorts food and beer gardens, already had everything necessary for hosting. The fit for Leigh and Trey was perfect. They were looking for a laid back atmosphere with a rustic vibe, and Bavarian Halle had everything they wanted. Leigh and Trey became one of the first couples to book a wedding with the resort. For Leigh and Trey it was a great opportunity to share the rich history of their town, and have a fantastic party for family and friends.”

rustic wedding

rustic wedding

rustic wedding

rustic wedding

rustic wedding

rustic wedding

Thank you so much, Royce, for these gorgeous photos. It is so exciting to get a first look at a stunning new venue in Texas. We adore the smiles and love that encompasses all the photos. To see more of Royce’s work you can visit his website at walstonphoto.com or visit his SnapKnot page.

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5 DIY Wedding Bouquet Tips

Wedding bouquet compliments shouldn’t just compliment your attire but also something that suits your personality. Sometimes the bouquet itself is beautiful but somehow doesn’t go with the theme or your dress. If you don’t want something clichéd, the best option is DIY wedding bouquets. Creating your own bouquet will add special value to it and you can also customize it just the way you want within a limited budget.

Seasonal flowers, colorful flowers or common flowers, you will get the liberty to take things in your own hands. If you think choosing fancy flowers will be costly, getting wholesale flowers can be cost effective. Here are few tips on DIY wedding bouquets to save you some major stress before your big day.

diy wedding bouquet

Tip 1: Gather Inspiration

It is completely fine if you’re not the creative type, but you can always find something on the internet! Read up blogs, articles and browse through wedding websites. Collect pictures and videos from Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites. Tutorials can be very helpful if you are a newbie in crafting. See which colors complement each other and go with your wedding outfit and décor.

Make sure to research about size, shape, price, availability, color scheme and most importantly longevity of the flowers. Mix and match these criteria and jot down the flowers you shortlisted.

diy wedding bouquet

Tip 2: Get the supplies beforehand

Don’t forget to gather all the floral supplies beforehand! Imagine this: You started to work on your bouquet but the project is halted every five minutes because you can’t find the scissors or tape. Is this a situation you really want to put yourself in? You can get each item separately from shops or order online from wholesale flower’s shop.

Few things that you will definitely need are-bucket, paper towels, ribbon, rubber band, green waxed floral tape, stem cutter, stem stripper, sharp knife, scissors and straight pins. You will of course need flowers but order them one or two days before the wedding depending on their longevity. Ordering Wholesale flowers would be wiser and you can get them easily online. It is important to get fresh flowers otherwise; they will lose their color and appeal.

diy wedding bouquet

Tip 3: Choose combination theme-wise

If you can’t get the bouquets theme-wise, it will obviously reflect in the pictures and cinematography- and these are memories that will be captured forever. Therefore choose the color, fragrance and look according to the theme. Pro-tip: it is always the wisest to go for the seasonal flowers!

For instance, for rustic country themed weddings, you can go for grass, wild sweet pea, nigella pods, mini peonies and mint. For beach weddings you can experiment with white roses and blue and purple orchids. A combination of orange flowers can be great for summer weddings.

Tip 4: Learn to improvise

If you are not a pro, no need to get too technical when making the bouquets. In case you and your partner need guidance, don’t hesitate to take help from friends or family. Things can get fun and interesting when you do things together. Try to give a personal touch to the bouquets, something that would make the bouquets unique.

Improvisation is not only necessary in terms of color and style but also for an ideal timeline. Replace flowers of less longevity with hardy ones. Allocate more time on delicate details and less on easier tasks.

Try and make a realistic timeline and proper division of work while planning. For example- If you allocate two to three persons for making the bouquet, you will have to give them at least 45 to 60 minutes to complete it.

Tip 5: See yourself with bouquet

You shouldn’t only trial your outfit, giving a trial with your bouquet is just as important. See yourself in the mirror with the bouquet and also take pictures on your phone. You need to look good with the bouquet both on and off the camera. Making the bouquet is not the hard part rather styling it in accord with you and the décor is the tough part.

Try out making few bouquets with cheaper flowers that look similar to your chosen ones to avoid the last minute hassle. Don’t get biased with certain blooms, consult with your partner and photographer before making the final call on the bouquets.

Follow these tips to get your perfect DIY wedding bouquets with minimal cost and hassle!

This post was written by Whole Blossoms, a farm-direct flower wholesaler that imports premium, fresh cut wholesale flowers for your most important events.

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