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From The Bachelor Australia Season 3: Emily Simms Wedding Photos & Details!

Emily Simms & Pierre Ghougassian: Enjoy this look into Emily Simms’ August 2018 wedding with photos and details! 

Emily Simms from The Bachelor Australia Season 3 Wedding Photos

Bride’s Full Name: Emily Simms (took on Pierre’s last name)

Groom’s Full Name:  Pierre Ghougassian

Wedding Date: 17 August 2018

How many guests? 100

Wedding budget: $55k, with a number of collaborations

The love story:

How did you and your partner meet? Pierre and I first met at Pontoon, a trendy bar on St Kilda beach (the old Riva). I went there with my friend Anna (one of my bridesmaids), and as soon as we walked in, she said, “oh there’s my friend Pierre at the bar!”.  Turns out she used to be very good friends with a girl that dated Pierre for 2 years, about 9 years ago.

How did he propose? Pierre’s birthday is the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, and I had arranged to take him out for dinner at The George on Collins.  He suggested we get a nice photo out the front before we go in.  So, we asked a nice passerby if they could please take a photo for us.  He then turned to me and proposed.  The lady taking our photo, switched it to video mode, so we have both photos and videos of the gorgeous moment.

The wedding:

How did you find the experience of planning a wedding? From where did you take your inspiration? I was always very clear about what I wanted, and Pierre likes my taste, so he trusted me in choosing everything.  As we only got engaged in February, and our wedding was August, we decided on things very quickly.  The style I went with, was glamorous and a sort of antique feel.  The George Ballroom where our reception was, is simply stunning, so not much needed to be done to the room.  We had simple garlands down the centre of the long tables, and arrangements around the welcome sign, seating chart, bar and wedding cake.  I did find all of the planning incredibly stressful at times, as I was doing everything by myself.  It is like a full-time job!  So much coordinating, and of course every bride wants it to all go perfectly, so the stress of that all adds up.

Please describe your wedding ceremony:

Where was it? Our ceremony was on the balcony of the Melbourne Town Hall.  I loved the columns, and I found it in keeping with the style of The George Ballroom.  I really wanted everything to flow nicely. 

How many guests were there?  We had exactly 100 guests. We wanted only our closest friends and family there.

Did it involve anything unusual?  I suppose the only thing considered unusual was that our wedding was very bitter sweet for us.  My beautiful older brother had taken his own life only 3 weeks prior to our wedding, so it was incredibly difficult, and when it first happened, I couldn’t even comprehend the thought of a wedding.  But I like to think he was there, shining down on us.  It was also the only day that week of really beautiful weather (for the middle of August!), and I like to think that was Michael’s doing.

Where was your reception held? Our reception was at The George Ballroom in St Kilda, with 100 guests. The George is simply amazing.  It is by far the most beautiful venue I think I have seen in Melbourne.  The way they have restored it is so divine, it was the perfect setting for our wedding day.

Did you employ a certain style or theme for the day? I tried to stick with a glamorous, old world sort of theme.  I was adamant about there being no black, and there wasn’t any at all.  Everything was white, cream, soft pinks and rich, deep pinks.  The florist really outdid herself!  The cutlery, the napkins, everything just worked exactly the way I had hoped it would.

Emily Simms from The Bachelor Australia Season 3 Wedding Photos

Please describe your bridal gown, your husband’s suit and your bridesmaids’ dresses: My gown was designed and made by Tanya Didenko Bridal Couture. I have dealt with Tanya for 3 years now.  She has made me some stunning dresses to wear to various events over the past few years, so it was a no brainer that I would go to her for my wedding dress.  I never tried on any wedding dress at all.  I went to her with photos of different designs that I liked, and took inspiration from each of them.  She knows me quite well now, knows my body shape and knows my style, so it all worked really well. The groomsmen’s suits were made by Remy, who is actually Pierre’s youngest brother.  He owns a bespoke tailoring business, situated in Sydney.  The bridesmaids’ dresses were all designed by Love Honor.  I sent them through a number of inspo shots, and they made them exactly as we had discussed, and they fit the girls perfectly.

Please describe your flowers (colour, variety, type of bouquet): I told the lovely Nat from Foxy Evergreen, that I didn’t want standard flowers.  I can’t stand your average old rose.  I was quite specific about that.  The one flower I told her I absolutely wanted, was phalaenopsis orchids in a magenta sort of colour.  And no Australian natives!  All whites, soft pinks, deep pinks and lots of greenery.  I also told her I didn’t like a posy of flowers.  I like the cascading sort of look.  We couldn’t have been happier with her work.

Please describe your photographer’s services. Did you choose a certain style of photography (i.e. b&w, nostalgic, candid, photojournalism)? Ramy from Ateia was amazing.  He was so easy to deal with, from start to end.  I think may words to him when we first met were, no 90’s style glamour shots please!  I’ve seen so many bridal shots that seem to go for this look, and that is definitely not our style.  I wanted it romantic, glamorous and fashionable, without looking dated.

Who did your make up? I did my own. (Emily Simms makeup), my maid of honour did her own (though she isn’t actually a MUA).  Amelia Webb did Anna’s and Bec’s makeup.

What music or entertainment did you use/provide? We chose Main Entertainment for all of our music.  We found Isaac via a Google search, and he was outstanding.  He has a beautiful voice, and sung live acoustics for our ceremony and during different parts of our reception. He then turned into a DJ later on in the night.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.  Not only is he incredibly talented, he is also a fantastic guy and great to deal with.

What cake did you choose and what did it look like? We chose a cake from Nikos Cakes.  We went for 2 different layers, one vanilla citrus and one vanilla berry.  We opted against chocolate cakes, as we had some chocolate and coffee dessert canapés.  We chose the 3-tier cake, mostly because Nikos suggested that because both Pierre and I are quite tall.  I wasn’t sure what difference it made, but it did look great!  We had a white rendered cake, with gold foil on the bottom and top tier.

Please describe your honeymoon: We have just left arrived in Bali for our honeymoon, for 10 days. 4 nights in Ubud, the rest in Seminyak. Last month we went to LA, NYC and Toronto as a pre-honeymoon holiday, so we could only take a short trip after the wedding, due to work commitments.

What was the highlight of the day? The highlight of the day, was definitely when we first saw each other down the aisle, and walking down the aisle with my dear old dad.  It was a beautiful moment, and one I will never forget.

Please share your best wedding advice: My best advice is to make sure you know what you want, before you go talking to suppliers.  Scour the net, Pinterest etc, for inspo.  If you don’t know exactly what you are after, then I feel this is where confusion can start to creep in, and you become unsure if you’ve chosen the right thing or not.  You need to be clear and concise, so that you don’t feel disappointed on your big day.  Think about yours and your partner’s taste, and try your best to emulate that on your wedding day.

Wedding Vendor List:

Emily’s dress and veil

Tanya Didenko – http://tdcouture.com.au


Ateia – https://ateiaphotography.com.au


C2 Films – https://www.c2films.com.au

Welcome sign/Event Printing

Inktank Printing https://inktankprinting.com


Giant Invitations – http://giantinvitations.com.au


Main Entertainment


Foxy Evergreen – https://www.foxyevergreen.com.au


Nikos Cakes – http://www.nikoscakes.com.au

Graphic Design

Catsy Creative – http://www.catsycreative.com.au

Wedding Invitations

Bwedding Invitations – http://bweddinginvitations.com

On the day Stationery

Adorn Invitations – https://www.adorninvitations.co.uk

Emily’s robe

Home Bodii


Rachel Vitullo

Makeup on Bec and Anna

Amelia Webb

Makeup on Emily

Emily did her own make up

Lashes on Emily

Melb Lashes

Skin prep for Emily


Tan on Emily

Le Tan

Bridesmaid dresses

Love Honor


Jeanette Maree – https://jeanettemaree.com


Jeanette Maree

Earrings on all of us

Shannakian Fine Jewellery


Triple R – https://tripler.com.au


Gold Cutlery Hire


Di Simmons


Remy – https://www.remy.com.au

Emily Simms


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Our Favorite Brunch Weddings!

We have seen that many bride and grooms stray away from the traditional wedding styles….many couple’s like to use their own personalized and creative ideas. One of the new trendy ideas is turn late weddings into brunch weddings, and we love it! If you are planning your wedding on a weekend day, especially a Sunday, going brunch style allows for the festivities to get going earlier. While the prep time may happen pretty early in the morning, guests have a whole day to celebrate with you!

There are so many ways to either keep these weddings on the more casual side or fancy it up for an elegant midmorning party. We picked out some of our favorite brunch weddings that might make you reconsider that traditional night reception too!

Morgan & Shane

We absolutely love the elegance of this wedding! This stunning wedding was photographed by Steph, the owner of Gray Door Photography. The color palette is soft and the lighting is naturally bright making the entire day picture perfect.

Photo Credit: Gray Door Photography

Photo Credit: Gray Door Photography

Photo Credit: Gray Door Photography

Chris & Elissa

This stunning wedding is spectacular and we love the dressy yet casual vibe that comes with it. Jade from Andrew & Jade Photo photographed this beautiful day with a wonderful team. We love how the lighting creates these soft and romantic photos. Another simple but perfectly timeless wedding!

Photo Credit: Andrew & Jade Photo

Photo Credit: Andrew & Jade Photo

Photo Credit: Andrew & Jade Photo

Photo Credit: Andrew & Jade Photo

Shawndra & Pat

This gorgeous outdoor brunch wedding was photographed by Erin of Erin Costa Photography. This wedding totally encompasses the DIY and unique ideas that we just love! From the coffee bar to the DIY photo booth, Shawndra and Pat really created a day that represented who they were.

There are so many different styles to a make a brunch wedding more than just your typical morning brunch. You can create yard games to keep guests of all ages entertained. You can make your own photo booth or create a photo backdrop filled with flowers. There are no limits on how creative one can be to style a brunch wedding around the couple’s personality. This wedding trend is definitely one that is going to stick around for a while!

If you are looking for inspiration to get those creative ideas flowing check out these DIY Summer Ideas that will compliment your brunch wedding perfectly!

If you are taking the brunch wedding we would love to see your photos, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @snapknot and we will give it all our love!

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21 Creative Ceremony Ideas

These days, many couples are doing away with the traditional wedding ceremony setting. Now we are are seeing these couples create ceremonies that match not only their own beliefs, but also their personalities. Each ceremony is being personalized to best show who they are making their day extra unique and special. We found these creative ceremony ideas on The Knot that are made to inspire future weddings. Guests are sure to rave about how amazingly different your ceremony was and will unlikely forget anytime soon after.

We always say that weddings are great because you are surrounded by family and friends. This cute spiral idea really makes that saying come true!

Photo Credit: Blume Photography

A petal toss is eco-friendly and picture perfect. It is also the perfect way to make every guest feel part of the wedding.

Photo Credit: OneLove Photography

Change up the traditional flower girl with your best animal friend.

Photo Credit: Gina Smith Photography

Treat your guests like royalty by providing comfy seating instead of the traditional hard chairs.

Photo Credit: Luxury Estate Wedding & Events

Sometimes it can be hard to find a venue that actually lets the flower girl throw petals. Bubbles are a great way around that problem!

Photo Credit: Nine Photography

Take the ceremony entrance to the sky for some unbelievably gorgeous pictures.

Photo Credit: Turnquist Photography

Rustic and simple, this bike basket is a perfect way to pass out the ceremony information.

Photo Credit: Christina Lilly Photography

DIY paper flowers are a great way to not only save money, but keep your bouquet forever.

Photo Credit: Randy & Ashley

Who says you need to have a white gown? Change it up with a beautiful pastel or your favorite color.

Photo Credit: Q Weddings

Let your best fur pal be part of the festivities, they’re thrilled to help!

Photo Credit: Fairy Tale Photography

This is taking that water view to the next level. Have your ceremony over the water!

Photo Credit Cory Ryan Photography

Create a fairytale scene with a ceiling string lights for an outdoor ceremony.

Photo Credit: Willow Noavi Photography

Turn a field or other natural land into an alter by standing on a decorative rug.

Photo Credit: The Nichols

We love the sun for a great wedding day, but we hate the squinty eyes that come from it. Dress up the veil with with a chic sun hat.

Photo Credit: Heather Waraska

Get creative with those vows by adding some music.

Photo Credit: Love Roots Photography

Switch up the timing with a nighttime ceremony decked out with gorgeous lights.

Photo Credit: Emily Wren Photography

Bring out your inner child by turning your ceremony into a pajama party.

Photo Credit: Lauren Brown Photography

Thank those at city hall with a yummy thank you cake!

Photo Credit: Power Studios

Have a special family member or friend officiate the ceremony.

Photo Credit: Hibben Photography

Custom build your own ceremony platform.

Photo Credit: Ryan Zarichnak Photography

May the force be with the lovely couple. Have your wedding party use lightsabers to create an epic exit.

Photo Credit: SO Photography

A wedding is always unique to the couple, but these ideas really show off the creativity. It is your special day and your ceremony should be everything you possibly dreamed of. We hope that some of these ceremony ideas from The Knot have helped inspire your creatively unique ceremony. We want to see what you came up with, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @snapknot. Keep that creativity flowing with these seating ideas for the reception!

Nectar Memorial Day Sale

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Should You Plan a Foreign or Domestic Destination Wedding?

Congratulations on your big day! You and your partner have sealed the deal. Excitement is in the air except—and this is a big except—you aren’t sure where to have your wedding.

New and foreign destination wedding? Or something sweet and close to home? The stress is slowly increasing: which should you choose? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered; read more below from PhotoModeler, to learn several pros and cons about both, and kick off your wedding in style!

Foreign Wedding Pro: Two-for-One Vacation

Want to take a trip to Hawaii? Or what about Fiji? Maybe even Vegas? Why not use your wedding as an excuse to take that long-awaited vacation?

You see, foreign weddings offer you a chance to not only showcase your love but explore a new culture. Go snorkeling and see the beautiful marine life. Or tour the Amazon. Your options are limitless.

And, this two-for-one vacation-wedding does not just apply to you and your partner. Your friends and family can also take advantage too!

Even better, why not improve the experience: start the wedding fun on board an exclusive plane one of several luxurious private jet charter flights to Las Vegas. Enjoying the private charter experience with family and friends will give you the time you need to catch up, laugh, and have fun.

Foreign Wedding Con: Most Likely More Expensive

Unless you purchase tickets, lodging, and a wedding package during off-season, plan on your wedding budget being a tad tight. Remember, when it comes to a foreign wedding, there’s plane tickets, hotel costs, touring, food to consider…on top of a wedding and reception to pay for.

Not to mention, you may want to help out with your wedding party’s expenses too. Long story short, if you do go the foreign wedding route, expect to pay more—or, spend considerable time doing research to snag good deals and cut costs.

Domestic Wedding Pro: It’s Closer to Home

Forgot your sneakers and toothbrush? Take a quick 30-minute drive back home and grab them. Even if your wedding is in another state, chances are, you have several chains to make that quick purchase.

What we’re getting at is domestic destination weddings are going to be in more familiar territory than abroad weddings simply because it’s physically closer to home. This makes it easier to plan and afford logistical costs for your vendors and may give you some wiggle room in your budget—a wedding win!

Nectar Memorial Day Sale

Domestic Wedding Con: Less of a Thrill Factor

There’s something about stepping off that flight in a different country: You’re completely out of your comfort zone. While that can be a little stressful, it’s also exciting. You may lose some of that thrill factor if you have a domestic wedding.

Yes, you haven’t been to that city or state before. But, in general, the country is still roughly the same. The culture may change a little but you have an idea of what to expect—familiar (and comforting) yet, depending on you and your partner’s taste for adventure, maybe a little boring?

Foreign Wedding Pro: You May Have Your Work Cut Out for You

Depending on the destination you travel to, you may not have to do that much planning Instead, let the hotel do it for you.

Talk with the hotel concierge ahead of time for a list of fun cultural activities: hang-gliding in Costa Rica or hiking to Haleakala if you go to Maui (and aren’t from the US).

Most likely, the hotel partners with several touring groups. A simple call may be all you need to do on your end to set up a day of fun and adventure.

Foreign Wedding Con: Not All Your Friends and Family Can Make It

Let’s cut to the chase, weddings outside the country are expensive (as we’ve mentioned). While you may be able to work the airfare and lodging into your budget, it may be too tight for others in your wedding party.

Also, some family and friends may not be able to take off a week (or more): they have that important project coming up, or they can’t find babysitting. In any case, know that some of your wedding party will bow out. Not because they don’t want to share the fun and joy—of course, the do!—they just don’t have the time.

Final Thoughts

Domestic or foreign wedding, no matter which one you choose, you are sure to have a memorable experience. It all boils down to you and your partner’s individual wants and needs.

Especially when it comes to having a wedding in another country, we suggest you plan early so you can take advantage of discounts and all-inclusive packages, which will save you and your partner the stress, not to mention free up your budget.

If you intend to have your wedding in another state—or at a picturesque venue 30 minutes down the road—still plan, preferably several months out. Doing so will help nail down vendors and coordinate logistics before showtime really begins.

What type of wedding will you choose? Have you had your wedding at a foreign destination? Or did you go more local? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

This post is written by Ashley Lipman, Content marketing specialist. Ashley is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches.
Wedding Photographers on SnapKnot

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Bridal Beauty Trends for 2019 Brides

Trends, old and new, are sure to capture any brides eye. Whether you just got engaged or are getting close to the day, it’s always good to keep up with the bridal beauty trends that will complete the look. During bridal fashion week, the designers made sure to deliver on those amazing bridal beauty trends for Spring 2019.

Brides.com recently posted an article with the bridal beauty trends that brides will be using to walk down the aisle. From hair styles to makeup, everything is covered to inspire your look. We wanted to share all these beauty looks below.

Photo Credit: Allison Webb

Wearing your hair down is possible without the worry of getting hair in your face. Tuck a few strands back behind the ears to show off cheekbones and keep your face hair free.

Above: Wedding dress by Allison Webb

Photo Credit: Alyssa Greenberg

It is easy to add a little flair to a traditional low pony with a couple of cornrows and sleek ends.

Above: Wedding dress by Berta

Photo Credit Alyssa Greenberg

Natural makeup is a timeless look and shows off the natural glow.

Above:Wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier

Photo Credit: Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

If you are fashion loving bride then that classic red lip and bold brows are just for you.

Above: Wedding dress by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

Photo Credit: Alyssa Greenberg

 A bold pop of silver across the eye lids and inky black mascara is a sure way to liven up any makeup look.

Above: Wedding dress by Berta

Photo Credit: Alyssa Greenberg

The perfect way to embrace that inner rock star is with a little bold eyeliner, glossy lids, and a metallic lip color.

Above: Wedding dress by Naeem Khan

Photo Credit: Thomas Concordia

If you’re looking for those amazing boho bridal beach waves, spritz a generous dose of Rene Furterer vegetal texture spray to get the perfect style.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

 Naeem Khan’s models proved that a rock ‘n’ roll bride can stun by embracing bold hairstyles on the big day.

Above: Wedding dress by Naeem Khan

Photo Credit: Watters

Flower crowns are still the rage, but the look is changing with hair styled up and bold, colorful flowers.

Wedding dress by Wtoo by Watters

Photo Credit: Getty Images

With the Royal Wedding coming up, it’s not surprise that these stunning tiaras will be seen on brides.

Above: Wedding dress by Theia

Photo Credit: David’s Bridal

Simple, classic, and gorgeous is what describes this bouncy do with curled ends.

Above: Wedding dress by db Studio by David’s Bridal

Photo Credit: Romona Keveza

A classic updo with an elegant touch.

Wedding dress by Romona Keveza 

Photo Credit: Masato Onoda

A little highlighter on high points really helps show off the radiance from within.

Above: Wedding dresses by Watters

Photo Credit: Erin Baiano

With a gorgeous complexion, a shimmered rosy hue keeps it simple yet modern.

Above: Wedding dress by Lela Rose Bridal

Photo Credit: Galia Lava

A long S-wave ponytail perfectly compliments an open back dress.

Above: Wedding dress by Galia Lahav

Photo Credit: Erin Baiano

Add a sweet and romantic touch to your bridal look with a simple velvet bow.

Wedding dress by Lela Rose Bridal

Photo Credit: DB Studio

A dainty hair accessory and smooth hair with a centered part makes this look go a long way.

Above: Wedding dress by DB Studio by David’s Bridal

Photo Credit: Hayley Paige

A smooth blowout and simple veil shows off the timeless look for short hair.

Above: Wedding dress by Hayley Paige

Photo Credit: Alyssa Greenberg

With a classic chignon, you can never go wrong. Keep it low and style a soft center part to make it perfect.

Above: Wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier

Photo Credit: Romona Keveza

While wearing a high neckline, a low bun with volume on the crown makes for a stunning look.

Above: Wedding dress by Legends by Romona Keveza

Photo Credit: Alyssa Greenberg

Chignon is a classic, but can be modernized by focusing on texture and keeping the bun higher.

Above: Wedding dress by Amsale

Photo Credit: Galia Lahav

A classic red lip look is always a good idea.

Above: Wedding dress by Galia Lahav

Photo Credit: Hayley Paige

This vibrant fuschia hue looks gorgeous and simple. Perfect for the ceremony and reception.

Above: Wedding dress by Blush by Hayley Paige

beauty trends

Photo Credit: David’s Bridal

 A deep burgundy shade of lipstick is the perfect touch to a glamorous makeup look.

Above: Wedding dress by Truly by Zac Posen for David’s Bridal

For more on these Spring 2019 beauty trends, check out the article on Brides.com.

We have so many inspirational ideas for your upcoming nuptials. Browse for wedding dress and photo ideas on our Get Inspired page, check out some unique fearless bridal sessions, or tip on having fun with your wedding.

As always, we love to see what you did for your wedding! So be sure to tag us on Instagram @snapknot or leave us a comment below!

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14 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Love!

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful process, especially if you are on a tight budget. Today, ClearBags is going to share a list of the most unique wedding favors and they even included one of their very own! Many times a wedding favor is something that just gets put in a drawer or thrown away but if you give away favors that have a more personalized touch, it can be something that your guests will use as a keepsake and cherish long after your special day.

Memorable favors can show your family and friends just how much your care. Pamper them with a relaxing sensory escape to enjoy later or gift an adorable container they can use again and again. Say farewell with a sweet treat or a spark! There’s something for everyone on this list. Whether you want an expensive look or a handmade feel, these DIY favors elevate the senses.

Read below for 14 wedding favors your guests will actually love!

DIY Chocolate Bark

Couples can include any of their favorite treats together in these insanely easy chocolate bark bags. Your guests will be begging for more!

diy wedding favors

Photo credit: Something Turquoise

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Coffee fans will truly LOVE this! Guests will enjoy coffee to go with this favor bag filled with chocolate coffee beans that is nicely tied up with twine.

diy wedding favors

Photo credit: Evermine

Personalized Honey Favors

This cute mini jar of honey says your “Meant To Be” and is perfect for your guests to enjoy! If you top the jar with fabric, it will give it the perfect DIY look!

diy wedding favors

Photo credit: Bubby and Bean

DIY Soy Candles

Fragrant choices are endless if you create your own candles with these DIY soy candle tins!

diy wedding favors

Photo credit: Candle Science

Sparkler Send Offs

Sparks flew when you met… so it is only appropriate to use sparklers as your send off!

diy wedding favors

Photo credit: Evermine

DIY Stamped Bag

Give your guests a gift they will use again and again! This DIY stamped bag is perfect to use the on go.

Photo credit: Chatty Press

Hot Cocoa Jars

Who doesn’t love some yummy hot cocoa? Your guests will love these jars filled with hot cocoa mix… and it is perfect for a winter wedding!

Photo credit: Celebrations At Home

Sugar Scrub

Give the gift of glowing skin with with a fresh mint sugar scrub wedding favor! We love the cute “Mint to Be” printables that are included.

Photo credit: Love Vividly

Infused Olive Oil

A bottle of rosemary infused olive oil is sure to inspire the chefs in the crowd and with most people using oil for cooking or enjoying with some delicious bread, this gift is sure to be a favorite!

Photo credit: Pepper Design

Succulent Containers

Find the cutest containers you can and add your favorite succulent plant for the perfect gift!

Photo credit: Weddings by Lilly

S’mores Kit

You can put together this party favorite using clear boxes or bags and all the essential s’mores ingredients. Then, pull it all together with some twine or or ribbon and you have a gift that everyone will enjoy!

Photo credit: Clearbags

Homemade Granola

There is nothing more special than homemade granola. Wrap up this wholesome snack in a cone bag and add a ribbon, label, or twist ties for the perfect treat!

Photo credit: Always Order Dessert

Homemade Lip Balm

Lip balm is something that will not go to waste! These are perfect for gifts for bridesmaids or as wedding favors.

Photo credit: Apple Brides


This post was written by ClearBags, the premier packaging company that specializes in Crystal Clear Packaging. ClearBags offers thousand’s of packaging products. With over 4,000 styles and sizes in stock, they have what you need for your wedding. Visit www.clearbags.com to see more!

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Fairytale Wedding in Australia

This week we are showcasing a stunning wedding straight out of a fairytale. The lovely couple, Samantha and Michael, held their wedding in Australia at Rydges. This special day was submitted to us by Kathryn from BWedding Invitations. Kathryn was able to talk to Samantha and Michael, who shared their love story and thoughts about the day. This fairytale wedding was captured by Jashan Photography, an impeccable Brisbane wedding photographer. We hope your hearts flutter at these pictures like ours did! First, here’s what Samantha and Michael had to say:

“We met at a dance battle. Mikee was dancing on a show in Las Vegas that had a six-month contract at Jupiters on the Gold Coast. A mutual friend had set up a dance event for all for the Brisbane dancers to battle all of the Americans and afterwards it became one big dance party. At the end of it, Mikee got my details. When we were on holiday in Rome, we had gone to the top of this huge building that overlooked the whole city. I’d had the ring in my pocket for the past few days, but never found the right time to propose. Sammy had said, “I love Rome.” And I said,” Oh yah?” and started reaching in my pocket for the ring, but I kept fumbling for it. To buy time, I asked our friends who came with us to take our picture. After two photos I still hadn’t managed to do it, and finally I mustered all of my courage and asked her on the third time, “Will you……Marry me?….” She was speechless and we got a great photo of her reaction. After a long moment of gasping, she said yes.

For our wedding we had so many guests fly in from America, so the view for the reception meant a lot to me. I wanted to show off how pretty Brisbane was, so we chose Rydges because of its stunning views. Our wedding styling was very traditional with blush colors. So cliché. Since my husband and I both dance, there was a lot of pressure for us with our first dance. I planned the ceremony, reception and honeymoon. It was Mike’s job to put together the first dance. Everyone really enjoyed it and I think we were able to live up to everyone’s expectations. Phew! At the end of the night, when we went back to the room together as husband and wife, we had a giggle. We survived! Everyone was happy. The circus was over. We are married and in love.”

wedding in Australia

wedding in Australia

wedding in Australia

wedding in Australia

wedding in Australia

Thank you so much, Kathryn, for submitting this spectacular wedding! We love how unique it was and how Samantha and Michael really focused on who they were as a couple.

The vendor list for the wedding include:
Wedding Invitations: BWedding Invitations
Makeup: Jessica Peacock
Hair: Jools Purchase
Accessories: Love On Jewelry
Photographer: Jashan Photography
Videographer: White Lace Films
Menus & Place Cards: Adorn Invitations
Cake: A Little Cake Place
Food: Rydges
Ceremony Venue: St. Stephens Cathedral
Reception Venue: Rydges

To see more work from Jashan Photography, you can visit their website at jashanphotography.com.au. And be sure to visit BWedding Invitations, which offers beautiful invitations, stationary and more.

We are jetting off to Greece to check out this stunning engagement session that you will definitely fall head over heels for!

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Tips On Packaging Wedding Photography For Shipping From ClearBags

As a wedding photographer, the thought of packaging and shipping your finished product may be the last thing on your mind. If you have prints for sale on a personal website or your business website, knowing how to package your wedding photography for shipping to the bride and groom is very important. Your packaged prints, wedding albums, or framed photographs may be what prospective customers see in a gallery or what you send in the mail. No matter what, you want to be sure to use packaging materials to keep your photos safe and looking professional.

Everything that you do with your business is a reflection of your brand… that includes your investment of time and the care that you put into packaging. From the materials you use to wrap and protect your prints to the container used for delivery or shipping, you are building a relationship with your customers. An ideal packing list includes rigid backing to support your prints and, if possible, high-quality archival material for long-lasting protection.

There are so many different ways you can package and ship your prints, so what you choose to do for your wedding photography business is really just a matter of preference. Today, ClearBags is going to tell you about a few packaging solutions to help you create an awesome finished product that fits your brand as well as some ideas for shipping.

packaging wedding photography for shipping

Photo credit: ClearBags

Packaging For Photography

How can you package your wedding photography so that it looks professional and inviting to your customers? A simple method is to place your prints into a clear plastic bag along with a piece of rigid backing to keep it from bending. You can also hinge your prints to matting to enhance your presentation. Your final package can also include additional touches that reflect your personal style.

What makes one package stand out from another is the quality of materials used. Here are some ideas of art packaging supplies that you can use.

1. High Clarity Archival Bags

The higher the clarity of your plastic bags, the better your presentation. Clear archival plastic bags made of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, or BOPP for short, have set the industry standard for clarity and they are archival safe. Archival BOPP bags show off your prints in high definition while keeping your product well-protected. While paper folios and paper cases are some other options, BOPP bags are less expensive and allow your art to shine through.

When selecting a BOPP archival bag, here are three options to consider:

Protective Closure Bags – made with the resealable adhesive on the body of the bag instead of the flap. With this design, the adhesive does not stick to your prints when pulling them out of the bag.

Flap Seal Bags – flap seal bags have the adhesive on the bag flap. These bags allow you customize the height by folding the flap past the opening of the bag, allowing more flexibility. The downside is that the adhesive may catch on your print when removing it from the bag.

No Flap Bags – As the name suggests, these bags have no flap. They also do not have any adhesive; they are sealed on three sides and open on the top. Many people like no flap bags because they are easy to use. The downside is that they are simply not as secure because there is no way to seal the bag closed.

When considering all three of these options, protective closure bags are considered the most ideal for packaging photography. The location of the adhesive on the bag makes it easy to remove and insert prints without doing any damage or harm making it a popular choice.

packaging wedding photography for shipping

Photo credit: ClearBags

2. Get The Right Fit

When you are packaging your wedding photography, you also want to make sure the bag fits appropriately. Loose bags may look tacky and thrown together where a properly fitted bag looks more professional. Plastic bags vary in size and in depth to accommodate all types of products including ones that have a backing or photos that come matted or framed. When selecting a bag size, check the amount of depth needed with any additional backing or matting that the specific product includes. Some people like to buy a bigger bag altogether to fit more than one print inside. This could be a good option for customers who order multiple prints like many do for a wedding.

3. Bags For Canvas and Framed Photos

Canvas and framed photography pieces will require thicker and more durable packaging to be sure that it stays protected and our Canvas Gallery Wrap bags are the perfect solution! These bags are sized to accommodate the depth of a canvas or frame, are laminated for extra strength, and are designed with an oversized flap. Like protective closure bags, the adhesive is on the body of the bag so it won’t come in contact with your art. The laminated material still retains high clarity for a professional presentation and keeps out moisture and harmful elements. The longer flap is helpful as it allows you to adjust the fit as needed. You can use these bags to package a single framed piece or hold a group of smaller prints together.

4. Backing Board

Even though it is not as showy as one of the clear bags, a rigid piece of backing is just as important to protect your prints. But, not all backing boards are created equally… here are the options to consider:

Foam core

To determine which of these options makes the most sense for your wedding photography, consider the level of protection needed and the thickness of the print. Foam core is available in 4-ply and 2-ply thicknesses and can be completely archival or just have only archival surfaces. This type of backing is quite rigid and sturdy for mailing prints and can later be used by your customers for framing. You may prefer a solid white or black foam core board to the appearance of cardboard. On the other hand, a heavy-duty corrugated pad or chipboard may be exactly what your piece requires. Do include this essential piece to your package to keep your prints from bending or creasing.

5. Matting

A beautiful mat will really allow your print to stand out and could increase your sales potential. For a gallery presentation, the presence of a mat may be the determining factor in making a purchase. For a mailed package, customers may attach a higher value to a matted piece and result in a future purchase.

Mat boards can be simply decorative or archival-grade and last for decades. Here are some available options:

Slip-in mats – Slip-in mats are great if you want something quick, easy, and efficient. With slip-in mats, the mat is already affixed to the backing. Simply slide your print into the opening at the top of the mat and you’re all set – no tape or adhesive is needed to secure your print. As slip-in mats are relatively new, these are usually available in small sizes in black and white and cost a bit more than other mats.

Pre-cut mats – If you need more choices, you can find a wide selection of conservation-grade and decorative (non-archival) pre-cut mats in popular and larger sizes. If you don’t need archival packaging, decorative pre-cut mats are a cost-effective way to add a splash of color to your presentation.

Custom mats – You may have a customer who has something in mind or an original piece that requires specific sizing. This route allows you the flexibility to dream up whatever color and size you desire to create your masterpiece. You can also create a unique experience by pre-printing your signature directly onto the mat. You might also try using mounting tape for a quick and convenient way to mount your prints to backing board.

packaging wedding photography for shipping

Photo credit: ClearBags

6. Including That Personal Touch

Your final product packaged beautifully wouldn’t be complete without your very own personal touches. This is where you can show off your own brand or business. You always want to include your business card so the customer has your contact information. You could also include a personal note or photo to the client thanking them for their order. A few other things you could include are: a packing slip with their printed order, Certificate of Authenticity, or a customized card (that could include a discount for a future purchase). Extending these personal extras invite your customers to get to know you better and shows your commitment to your business.

7. Shipping Time

Even though shipping is one of the final steps of the process, you want to be sure that you are shipping your prints safely so they get where they need to go without any damage whatsoever.

How you ship them just depends really on what you prefer. There are many options available to you, depending on the size of your work, how much money you want to spend, and how you want to present it. You can wrap your prints in tissue, brown paper, cardboard, or silk. A more expensive piece may warrant a fancy, boutique box for a more satisfying experience for your customer.

Unboxing a piece of photography is an experience in and of itself and is your customer’s first impression. What you are shipping will, of course, influence this decision. No matter what type of container you choose, remember to support your art with some kind of rigid backing. Consider these various options:

  • Rigid mailers – For lightweight to medium-weight art prints, rigid mailers are perfect. They provide sturdy support and reinforcement for items that need to stay flat such as art prints. You can also find heavy-duty mailers that are thicker and designed to take on more weight.
  • Airsafe™ Art boxes – Airsafe™ art boxes are specially designed to package art. They provide two inches of air space between your product and the outer wall to protect your art and are made of corrugated cardboard. Check out this demonstration of how to assemble these boxes and see how they work.
  • Boutique boxes
  • Rigid metal boxes
  • Chipboard boxes
  • Tubes – Another method of shipping prints is to roll them up and put them in tubes. This works well for lightweight pieces and for shipping more than one print.

You will have to factor in the size of the package you are shipping when deciding what option to use. And remember to always support your photography and artwork with some kind of rigid backing, no matter which of these packages you are shipping them in.

packaging wedding photography for shipping

Photo credit: ClearBags

8. Finishing Touches

It always looks professional to use printed labels on your packages rather than writing them in on your own. And you may want to think about adding a “Do Not Bend” or “Fragile” sticker on each photography package you ship. Each of these make your packaging look so professional, which in turn showcases your brand in a great way!


This post was written by ClearBags, the premier packaging company that specializes in Crystal Clear Packaging. ClearBags offers thousand’s of packaging products. With over 4,000 styles and sizes in stock, they have what you need for your business. Visit www.clearbags.com to see more!

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