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5 Photographers Give Their Best Engagement Session Tips

You are engaged to the one you love with all your heart and have been planning your wedding for a few months now and things are starting to come together. Now it is time to meet with your wedding photographer and take your engagement photos. We reached out to awesome photographers to get engagement session tips for you to think about while getting ready to have your engagement session. Enjoy!

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The Importance of Wedding Ring Photos

There are SO MANY important photos you want to be sure you get throughout your wedding. Many couples want to get engagement photos together, and then of course bridal portraits of the bride in her amazing wedding gown, and then all the special moments of the wedding day. Your engagement and wedding band are also a very important momento in your relationship. It represents love and a lifetime together. That is why it is so important to make sure your wedding photographer captures some beautiful wedding ring photos.

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Best Casual Engagement Photos

A unique perspective makes the best casual engagement photos. It might be a thoughtful gaze at a ring on her finger, or the way light and shadow accent a sincere smile. Sometimes it is an interaction, the way two people share a private moment. The skilled photographer finds an artistic expression of the inner feelings; it is the artistry of capturing a mood. To catch a scene that does not recur, involves an element of chance; there is a greater influence from expertise, to get the scene in the camera as it appeared in reality. It is the remarkable ability to capture the essence of the scene in the lens.

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Engagement Photo Outfits

Engagement photos not only let you capture that first flush of exhilaration and happiness that you feel when you and your special someone decide to marry but they also allow you to re-experience the joy of that moment again and again. That’s why it’s so important to choose the attire that you’ll wear for the photo shoot carefully. Engagement photo outfits that reflect your unique personality as well as your love for one another will be treasured for years to come. The following tips from SnapKnot may inspire the perfect selection.

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Three Awesome Engagement Shoots (Part 4)

We’ve seen some pretty amazing engagement shoots lately, from the beaches of Florida to the Lakes of Arizona, and everything in between. This week we’re bringing it coast to coast with three more engagement highlights from some of our best photographers and are excited to share these inspiring locations with you.

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Three Awesome Engagement Photo Shoots (Part 3)

It’s time for our next batch of fun engagement session highlights! Last week we shared some super fab Disneyland pics (for all our dreamers out there), as well as San Francisco and Seattle shots for the West Coast city-dwellers. This week we thought we’d feature a few engagement photo shoots that were a bit more unique. Thus, we’re bringing our party to the beaches of Florida. And the lakes of Arizona. And the vineyards California. Enjoy!

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Three Awesome Engagement Photo Shoots (Part 2)

Last week we saw 3 fabulous engagement photo shoots featuring couples in South Mountain, Fresno, and Queens (you can revisit them here). This time we are excited to highlight 3 super fun sessions in San Francisco, Disneyland, and Seattle that are sure to provide ample inspiration for engaged couples on the West Coast or considering these fun locations.

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The Best of SnapKnot Engagement Photos: Part 3

Alas, it is time to share the last batch of engagement photos collected from our expert photographers. We saw some fabulously unique images in our past two posts (which you can revisit here and here), and can’t wait to add our last group of engagement photos. In this set we’ll offer plenty of visual fun for the romantic beach couples, the fair frequenters, and even the sports fanatics.

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