It’s now March, and many of us are feeling that Spring Fever. Spring is a fabulous time to get married…flowers are blooming, leaves are growing on the trees, and it’s a time of new beginnings. So if you have been planning a beautiful spring wedding, have you thought about the favors? There are so many fun ideas for DIY spring wedding favors and we searched out some picture perfect ideas that will be just the right touch and easy on the wallet!

Give your guests a little pep in their step the next morning by sending them home with your favorite coffee grounds! This wedding favor is not only super simple to make yourself, but also extremely thoughtful. We love how unique this is!

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Got a favorite scent? Share it by making little satchels filled with dried spices and flowers. This lets you take control of what you want to fill it with. You can either premake the satchels or let your guests fill it themselves. Definitely gets those Spring vibes flowing.

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You can find almost anything on Pinterest these days, including recipes to make your own lotions and scrubs, which make the perfect spring wedding favor! They are pretty easy to make and you can show off your homemaking skills with these adorable DIY hand cream jars.

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If you’re more of the artistic type, you can easily make coasters for your guests. While it may be time consuming, it will definitely give everyone something to talk about. All your supplies can be found at your local craft store. You just need an engraving pen and wooden discs to make something you though you could only buy!

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Support your local honey makers and get crafty all in one project. Make your own honey jars with your favorite local honey. It’s super easy with a little twine and some funky scissors.

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Remember in high school when giving each other mixed tapes was an awesome gift? Well guess what… it still is! Make a soundtrack of your relationship or wedding day to share with everyone. Who knows, it might be someone’s summer playlist this year!

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We always talk about how weddings show who you are as a couple, so why not add that into the favors. After a long day or night of dancing and laughing, people will love an after party snack. Make your own snack bags and share your favorite snack with all of your guests. It is a super cute way for people to learn something new about the Bride and Groom! Plus, who says no to food?

Photo Credit: Etsy

This wedding favor is a little different than the main stream, but a trend we just had to share! Instead of making favors, make a sign announcing that instead of passing out favors to everyone, you as a couple have given a donation to a charity of your choice. Couple’s are using the money they would have spent on favors to support the causes near and dear to their hearts. This is definitely a thoughtful touch that any guest will appreciate.

Photo Credit: Etsy

While this list is just a few of our favorites, there are still so many other ideas out there. It can seem daunting at first to make DIY spring wedding favors, but they can definitely pay off! No matter what you decide to make (or donate), your guests will love all the time and effort you put into it. Let us know if you made any of these or did something different by sharing a picture of your favors on Instagram. We always love seeing how creative you are!

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