Having your engagement photos taken at a location that truly showcases you both as a couple is so important. No matter where you choose to take your engagement photos, you want to find a location or venue that offers some gorgeous photo opportunities with a perfect background. Even though the photos will be focusing on you together as a couple taking the next step in your relationship, you still need to consider the background that you will be photographed in front of.

So much beauty can be found in the outdoors and so many memories can be made their as well. Some people love being indoors and have a special place that you love. No matter what you choose, make sure it is special. Perhaps you want to take your engagement photos in a secluded park or perhaps you would like to have them on the college campus that you met for the first time. Maybe you both love to read and want to take your photos at your favorite library, or you both could love being at the beach and want to take your photos with your toes in the sand.

Today we want to share with you 8 awesome engagement photo backgrounds that we simply adore… and we hope these photos will get you thinking about what background you want to have in your photos!

engagement photo backgrounds, DC Photo Studios

Photo credit: DC Photo Studios

engagement photo backgrounds, Oeil Photography

Photo credit: Oeil Photography

KT Merry Photography

Photo credit: KT Merry Photography

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engagement photo backgrounds, KT Merry Photography

Photo credit: KT Merry Photography

Ivey Photography

Photo credit: Ivey Photography

We hope you have loved these 8 amazing engagement photos with stunning backgrounds. Here are a few other posts all about engagement photos that you may enjoy:

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