Here are a few engagement stories notable for their creativity, use of technology, and yes – excessive geekiness (but in a good way).

1) Twitter Proposal #1: Greg Rewis proposed to long-distance girlfriend Stephanie Sullivan over Twitter before marrying her in a Twitter wedding as well:

greg rewis proposal tweet

sullivan proposal tweet response

2) Super Mario Proposal: This gent hacked his soon-to-be-fiancée’s favorite game:

3) iPhone Proposal: This guy created a mock iPhone commercial – the “iProposal” – pretty awesome:

4) Twitter Proposal #2: @maxkiesler proposed to his girlfriend via Twitter as well:

maxkiesler proposal tweet

5) Tumblr Proposal: Justin Johnson proposed to Marissa Nystrom via micro-blogging service Tumblr, posting this video on the global dashboard so everyone could wait and watch for her response:

Marissa, will you marry me? from justin johnson on Vimeo.

6) Boston Globe Crossword Proposal: Aric Egmont hid his proposal to Jennie Bass in an answer to the Boston Globe Sunday crossword puzzle.

crossword proposal

Image credit: ABC

7) Intellectual Property Proposal: This guy actually submitted a patent request for a marriage proposal.

Hat tip to Your Tango for the links.

We realize these are on the edge of crazy, but do you have a good engagement story to share?

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Who knows, maybe we’ll publish your story for the world to see!

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