During your wedding day, you want your wedding photographer to capture many wonderful photos that will help you remember everything about your special day, especially those that helped you celebrate. Your wedding party are people who are very close to you. They could be lifelong friends, a sibling, or a college roommate, but no matter who it is, these are people who will be celebrating with and you want some great photos to remember them all and the role the played in your wedding.

Here are a few funny wedding party photo ideas that would be perfect to take with your bridesmaids and groomsmen that we found on Brides. We hope this give you a little inspiration when working with your photographer to come up with amazing photos for your wedding day.

1. Jump For Joy

The group-jump photo is such a fun idea and can be done anywhere…. in the water like this group did, or even right outside of the wedding venue you are at.

fun wedding party photo ideas, Nadia D Photography

Photo credit: Nadia D Photography

2. Hide Your Eyes

The bride and groom kiss and everyone hides their eyes and laughs.

fun wedding party photo ideas, Tanielle Lobo

Photo credit: Tanielle Lobo

3. Play A Game

Play a fun activity all together while your wedding photographer is taking your group photo. Wedding photographer Mike Franklin said, “I find when the members of the wedding have something to focus on, they are much more relaxed,” he says.

4. Let Loose

This group shot is perfect for couples who don’t take themselves too seriously. It is definitely a shot that you will look back at together and laugh.

5. Go For A Swim

A spontaneous dip in the ocean can always make a beach or outdoor wedding fun! Just make sure you and your wedding party have something to change into afterwards (and do not get your wedding dress wet if you do not want to)!

funny wedding party photo ideas, Nadia D Photography

Photo credit: Nadia D Photography

We hope these 5 funny wedding party photo ideas have gotten you to start thinking about what type of funny or posed group shots you want to capture with your wedding party on your wedding day!

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