You have been told things time and time again about your wedding day whether it be tips from your family members or newly married friends. You may hear that the day will fly by, you should make sure you eat that morning while you are getting ready, and make yourself eat at the reception so you can keep your energy up. But, among all the details you have been told already, there are some things to remember on your wedding day that they have not told you about.

Here is a list of things that you may not have heard already, and a few solutions to these problems or issues to know beforehand so you can be extra prepared!

1. Be Prepared To Be Hot In Your Wedding Gown

No matter what time of year you are getting married, and unless you are wearing a short wedding dress without all the lace and material, you are going to be hot. We are not talking about just a little hot when you are out dancing, but HOT!

A good way to be sure you are not uncomfortable throughout your wedding day from being hot is to use baby powder or antiperspirant where you sweat. Ladies, think about your thighs… you want to keep that area from chaffing which could be very annoying and uncomfortable to deal with.

2. Stay Hydrated

This is very important and also can be helpful with the hot wedding gown you will be wearing. Staying hydrated the entire day. This does not mean drinking glass after glass of wine. Keeping yourself hydrated with water is the perfect way to keep going. You would hate to be finishing up your first dance as husband and wife and pass out due to dehydration.

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3. Practice Your Dress Bustle Ahead Of Time

Even though the lady at the wedding dress story made it look so easy when she was showing you and all your bridesmaids how to do the bustle, this tends to be a very difficult task on the actual wedding day. You are all excited because the ceremony is over, you have said your “I do’s” and now it is time for the party to start. You want to get your dress bustled while everyone in your family is hugging you and congratulating you – while at the same time you are HOT and need a glass of water badly. With all that said, the bustle is hard to do.

A great way to help with this issue is to have a bridesmaid or family member who will be the one responsible for your bustle record how to properly bustle your exact dress. The best way is to have them take video from their phone on the day you are having your last dress fitting.

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4. Clue In Your Photographer To Tricky Family Situations Before The Day Of

Your wedding photographer is going to be getting all the family together to make sure he or she gets the proper shots that he or she needs to get to capture the best memories of your wedding day. It is very important for them to have a clue ahead of time if the bride’s parents are divorced and never speak to each other, or if the grandparents have mobility issues to make sure enough time is scheduled to get them situated in a good position for the group poses. If they do not know about these things ahead of time, it could cause them to be running behind or not capture all the photos you hope to have in your wedding album.

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