Your wedding day is going to be so amazing… and you have probably been dreaming about it for so long (or at least since you met the person you knew you were going to marry one day)! There are so many things you have to remember while wedding planning, from the wedding gown, to the venue, cake, food, music, and seating chart, it can be hard to remember what the MOST important items will be.

What are those things that really will stand out on your wedding day that you will remember for years to come? Although we know that every single detail matters to you when you are planning such a huge and important event, a few aspects of the day stand out more than others. Today, we wanted to share with you the 4 most important things that you should really focus on when planning your wedding.

1. Find the best wedding photographer for you.

When the wedding is over and your life together has begun, many of the small details of that day will be hard to remember. One great way to make sure you have wonderful memories to look back on for years to come is by having a great wedding photographer.

Finding a photographer can be tough and there are so many wonderful ones out there. You want to make sure you do your research and find a photographer that is best for you and the type of couple and wedding you want to have. That is where we can help – SnapKnot will help do that initial research for you and narrow down a few wedding photographers that are located in your wedding city within your budget. From there, you can reach out to them and get the conversation going. There are so many important question you want to ask them like what their photography style is, if they plan to use a second shooter or assistant to help out, how many hours they work for, and so much more. For a great list of questions you want to be sure to ask, check our our post 15 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer.

2. Set a realistic budget and stick to it.

We all love to spend money, but we also know that money does not buy happiness. From the moment you start wedding planning, one of the very first things you need to do is create a budget. Sit down with your soon-to-be and parents (if they will be paying for or assisting you with the cost) and figure out the total you can spend and then figure out what items are most important to you. Perhaps you want to have great music and an open bar, but the food and venue is not as important to you. Find an outdoor space at a family home or park that is cost effective so you can use a little extra to find a great band or DJ. Remember, spending more is not always the best.
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3.  Work together to plan your guest list.

You want to be sure that both of you are inviting everyone you want to for your special day but remember to not go crazy. Based on your venue space, pick a number of people you want to invite and be fair when figuring it all out. Of course all close family, friends and bridal party should be added first and then go from there. Do not feel bad if you do not have enough room to invite your boss at work and roommate from college you haven’t seen in ten years. Work together to make sure that both of you are happy about the list and not having to leave someone real important off.

4. Don’t stress!

Keep calm throughout your wedding planning, have fun and don’t stress out! Sure, planning a wedding is a HUGE task and it can be daunting for many, but remember why you are planning this… so you can spend the rest of your life with the person you love! Keep in mind that you may have setbacks and you may not always get exactly what you want, but in the end, your wedding day is yours and there is nothing more special than that. There is no need to stress about the planning… if you need a little help, that is what your family and bridesmaids are for! Ask them, each one would be more than happy to help you out.

We hope these tips help you out during your own wedding planning and make you think about and realize what the most important aspects of your own wedding are. Here are a few other articles you may enjoy:

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