A wedding cake is a traditional part of most weddings. During the ceremony, the bride and groom will cut the cake and enjoy feeding the first piece to each other – and sometimes even smashing it in each others faces! Some choose to have a traditional wedding cake while others come up with unique wedding cakes that others would never think of!

Today we wanted to share these 11 unique wedding cakes with you that we found on Mashable…. some that look like they should not even be eaten!

This is a gorgeous cake if you are having a rustic or outdoorsy wedding!

unique wedding cakes, The Bridal Detective

Photo credit: By Cherry Photography via The Bridal Detective

This chalkboard wedding cake is just gorgeous and how cool that it is a chalkboard. Who would have thought?!?

The Cake Whisperer

Photo credit: The Cake Whisperer

The swirls in this wedding cake are so unique… change up the colors for your own wedding details!

unique wedding cakes

Photo credit: Instagram @theweddingscoop

This wedding cake does not even look real! How amazing with the quote and the details included!?

unique wedding cakes, Flour Confections

Photo credit: Flour Confections

This is a very abstract and unique wedding cake!

Jasmine Rae Cakes

Photo credit: Jasmine Rae Cakes

We are not even sure how this cake is staying together, but we would probably be pretty nervous to make that first cut!

unique wedding cakes, Brit+Co

Photo credit: Brit+Co

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This cake tells a beautiful story if you look at the photos from the bottom to the top of the cake.

Clairella Cakes

Photo credit: Clairella Cakes

This cake was created to look like a crystal palace… this one is too pretty and unique to eat!

Cakes Decor

Photo credit: Cakes Decor

This cake is of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” It took over 30 hours to hand paint it!

Cakes Decor

Photo credit: Cakes Decor

This cake has glowing tiers… how beautiful would this be glowing in the dim light of a wedding reception?


Photo credit: WedBits.com

This wedding cake looks like tons of colorful rocks – perhaps this would be perfect for an archeologist couple!

unique wedding cakes, Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Do you love these wedding cakes? Here are some others you may enjoy checking out:

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