Post Wedding Checklist: 7 Things To Do After You Say ‘I Do’

We always talk about wedding planning and everything that you need to do while you are engaged and getting prepared for your wedding day but what about after you say ‘I do?’ We found this great post wedding checklist on Martha Stewart Weddings that we wanted to show you today to help you remember what all you should be doing after the wedding is over and married life has begun.

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Fire Fighter Themed Wedding Shoot

Having a specific theme for your engagement photos is such a fun idea, and including a theme or location that has to do with something important in your life together is perfect. Including details from one of your careers as a fire fighter, police officer or military is one that has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Some couples simply want to utilize the uniform in photos, while others may choose to include the place of work or emergency vehicles in addition to the uniform.

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8 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Planner

When you first get engaged and are thinking about all the tasks you will have to accomplish to get everything planned and ready for your wedding day, you may ponder whether or not you should have your own wedding planner. Sure, planning a wedding is fun, but there are so many little details that are tough to remember and keep straight… which is where that wedding planner would be a lifesaver.

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Picture Perfect Couple Poses

Your wedding day is such a memorable day of your life. You choose the best decor, food, wedding gown and venue, but what makes the memories last for you as a couple is your photography. Long after the day has gone, your photos will what you have to remember your wedding day so you want them to be wonderful. With a little bit of preparation and planning with your wedding photographer, you can make it happen.

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Yellow and Charcoal Grey Wedding at Lake Las Vegas

Summer weddings are a favorite of a lot of people! There is nothing like a beautiful summer evening wedding spent with family and friends. Robin and Kerry chose to get married at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple had an ideal venue for an outdoor summer wedding, and the presence of the water certainly didn’t hurt their wedding photography! The couple’s yellow and charcoal grey wedding theme was the perfect match for the warm weather as well. An outdoor summer themed wedding by the water… it is absolute perfection if you ask us!

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8 Fun Bridal Party Photo Ideas

Your wedding photos will be one of the only keepsakes you have from your wedding day. Looking back at your wedding album, you will want to remember every moment… from the nerves you felt, to the happy tears you shed and all the fun and excitement in between.

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Beautiful Outdoor Portland Inspired Wedding

Who says that your wedding theme can’t revolve around a specific location, even if you’re not getting married in that area? Nobody! Maybe you can’t afford to fly your friends out to Mexico for a huge exotic beach wedding, but you can definitely bring Mexico to you! Having a location inspired wedding is exactly what this bride and groom did!

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Fun Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

There is nothing better than the warm air and sunshine during an outdoor engagement shoot. The couple we want to showcase today, Michelle and Ryan, decided to enjoy the beautiful California weather during the fun Laguna Beach engagement photos they took with Monica at Impromptu Pictures.

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The Wedding’s Over… Now What? Here Is Your Newlywed Checklist

The many months (or years!) of wedding planning have come to an end and and you have said ‘I do!’ Congratulations! We hope the wedding you envisioned and planned for so long was so special to you both. After so many months of stressful planning, now you may feel like you have nothing to do but that is just not the case.

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