Picture Perfect Wedding Exits

Every wedding is a symbol of the couple’s love and who they are together. Every detail of the wedding is a small reflection of that, so why not make sure that the wedding exit is something that everyone will remember! Nowadays, many venues may not allow rice or confetti to be thrown for environmental and clean up reasons. Have no fear though, we found amazing picture perfect ideas that will definitely add a twist. Guests will love how unique these are, and your wedding pictures will have a spectacular end.

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Wedding Photography Winners Announced At Best Photo Contests!

We are thrilled to announce the winners from the first ever photography contest at BestPhotoContests.com!

Best Photo Contests was started because we see so many amazing photos every single day and we decided to partner with Camera Giveaways to celebrate the art of photography. Our first contest was for wedding photography and there were so many amazing photos submitted.

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Intimate Outdoor Wedding in California

This week we are excited to showcase a stunning outdoor wedding in the heart of California. Maria and Michael chose to keep there special day on the more intimate side. The lovely couple chose to have a farmstead themed wedding on their own property and the results are breathtaking!

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How To Start Your Search For A Wedding Photographer

When you have found that one person that you want to spend your life with, you probably are so excited to get your wedding planning started right away. Once you choose your wedding date, you will start looking for the perfect dress, venue, invitations, you will pick your colors and so much more. But after the wedding is over with, the only way you will have to remember the most special day of your lives is from the wedding photography that is captured on that day. So, how do you go about finding the best wedding photographer when you are beginning to plan?

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Beautiful Rustic Country Wedding

This week we are showcasing an absolutely stunning rustic country wedding between Megan and Chris. Their special day took place at The Lodge at Country Inn Cottages in Texas. This venue set the perfect setting for the couple and celebrating the beginning of a lifetime together. There are so many cute ideas that are perfect if you are planning a similar style wedding. The love and joy between Megan and Chris just beams through these photos of their wedding day. Their wedding was photographed by Yvette Trujillo of Vintage Photography Fine Art. We hope you enjoy all these beautiful pictures from the magical day.

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Sunnyside Pavilion – Awesome Wedding Venue #7

Another awesome wedding venue we want to share is the Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto, Canada. A casual and inviting beachfront cafe providing delicious cuisine and cocktails combined to offer a one of a kind world class beachfront event space that is perfect for a wedding!

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Snowy Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement season is here and so is winter! While many people may think it best to hold off on engagement pictures until it warms up, they may not think about the magical feeling the outdoors can provide even in this chilly time. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good snow day? It’s a perfect time to put nature’s wonders to use and plan a snowy engagement session. It may be cold, but that’s part of the fun! We found some perfect snowy engagement photo ideas that will warm your heart and make you reconsider waiting until spring.

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