5 Tips For Planning A Backyard Wedding

A backyard wedding can be such a beautiful thing! From being able to really use your own vision to create the theme of your dreams, the possibilities are endless when it comes to having a wedding in your own backyard. We found this great article on Martha Stewart Weddings that we wanted to share with you on tips for planning a backyard wedding. The tips come from bicoastal event planner Lyndsey Hamilton.

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9 Important Mother Of The Bride Duties

There is so much planning involved in a wedding and it is not just the bride and groom that has to do it all. Other family members and those in the bridal party have important roles in the planning aspect just as they are important on the big day. We found this great article on Huffington Post that we wanted to share all about mother of the bride duties… but keep in mind that these also count for the mother of the groom as well.

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Downtown Denver Engagement Session

These engagement photos we want to showcase today are of Chad and Jeanne during their beautiful downtown Denver engagement session. They included their furry friend in a few of the photos, which we just love, and it makes their photos that much more meaningful to them as a couple. If you have a pet you would like to include in your wedding or engagement photos, here are some great ways to include pets in your own wedding photos.

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Wedding Registry Guide – How To Setup Your Registry

You are getting married and you thought the hardest part would be the planning, right? But then you got to the wedding registry and had to actually start listing things and experiences you’d like, and that’s where things started to get overwhelming. Don´t worry, this is where Zankyou comes in. As an online cash registry, we get a lot of clients asking us how to best take advantage of this chance to create the ultimate wish list for their new home and new life together. So we have created this helpful wedding registry guide to help couple’s figure out what they really want out of their registry.

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7 Fun and Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

When it comes to your wedding and engagement, the possibilities are truly endless! No matter what theme, location or type of wedding you choose to have, it is all up to you. You can also capture some amazing wedding photography along the way that will bring so many memories you will cherish forever. With your photography, there are so many fun and creative wedding photo ideas out there that you could recreate.

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Romantic Indie Desert Engagement Photos

Desert engagement photography turns out to have an extremely relaxed and romantic vibe about it. It can be perfect for the newly-engaged couple who is all about the outdoors and loves some unique scenery to serve as the background to their special engagement photos. With the gorgeous sand and a romantic feel, the desert can provide the ideal outdoor engagement photo shoot backdrop for any couple!

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Elegant Ocean View Wedding

No matter when or where you met the love of your life, whether it is in college, at work, or even online like so many people do now-a-days, you can always make your wedding day the most special day of both of your lives. Laura and Tony decided to have an elegant ocean view wedding that was exactly what they had always dreamed of.

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5 Tips For Planning A Wedding Abroad

Many people dream about having their wedding abroad but the reality is that many are nervous or scared to actually have their dream become a reality. Not only is planning a typically wedding a difficult task, planning one so far away from where you live can make you feel very stressed out. But not to fear! We have put together 5 tips for planning a wedding abroad that you need to read before actually deciding what location to have your celebration.

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