3 Tips To Planning The Perfect Vintage Wedding

There are so many unique wedding theme ideas out there but one that we simply love and want to talk about today is a vintage styled wedding. A vintage wedding can be amazing with great fashion, amazing architecture and antique items, much like what you would have experienced from the Roaring 20’s. Today, we want to give you 3 tips for planning your own perfect vintage wedding.

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4 Ideas For Small Wedding Ceremony Seating

Not every couple wants a huge wedding with hundreds of guests in a huge venue. Some people prefer a small, intimate wedding ceremony that is a great moment where the two of them can really relax and enjoy the moment with close friends and family only. If you are trying to decide if you want to have an intimate ceremony, we are hoping this post may help you. Today we are going to show you 4 great ideas to do your small wedding ceremony seating that we simply adore, and we think you will too!

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Sexy Engagement Session in Downtown Houston

Today we want to showcase a gorgeously sexy engagement session that we just love! Matt and Ashley chose to have their engagement session in downtown Houston, Texas. As you will see in the stunning photos of the engaged couple, they were able to have a variety of photos taken around several places in the downtown Houston area.

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5 Things To Consider When Planning A Cruise Wedding

There are so many places to say “I do.” You can find a beautiful hotel ballroom, a unique location like a rustic barn or you could even exchange vows on the beach. Another option for your wedding is on a cruise. If you are thinking about having your wedding on the water, here are 5 things to consider when planning a cruise wedding.

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10 Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Planning a wedding is tough. There are so many details (both small and large) that are SO important from finding the perfect venue and dress to the type of cake and flowers you will have. If you are in need of a little help on what all you need to do, download our free wedding planning checklist that tells you what all you need to do at different times in your planning timeline. Even though there are so many things you need to remember, there are also many things you want to be sure to avoid during your planning. We found this great article from Glamour all about 10 wedding planning mistakes you want to be sure to avoid that we thought would be helpful for you.

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Cozy Decor For A Winter Wedding

When it comes to decor for a winter wedding, it’s important to think of all of the objects, colors, and feelings that are associated with the season. For example, some people may associate winter with shades of blue, purple, and silver, while others may think more of holiday colors, such as green and gold. The color association will most likely depend on your wedding date and the month it is in. However, if you find yourself to be a fan of those “cold colors” and don’t shy away from the snow and wintry weather, a winter wedding is perfect for you and your significant other.

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Cold Winter Engagement Photos In Toronto

Winter engagement photos can be extremely fun for a couple to participate in. While the cold weather may be causing you to nearly freeze, the snow is an amazing backdrop for engagement photos. Ashley and Colin decided on winter engagement photos in Toronto, and when you see the stunning photos, you will see what we mean.

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Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Nashville

You do not always have to have a huge wedding with tons of friends and family to have an amazing and special wedding day. Jason and Andria decided they were going to have an intimate wedding ceremony at Scarritt Bennett in Nashville, Tennessee and it was just perfect!

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Rainy Fall Wedding in Washington

Depending on who you talk to, rainy wedding days can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Ultimately, while there may be luck associated with rain on your wedding day, a lot of brides and grooms would prefer their wedding days to be filled with sunshine. However, rainy wedding days can make for stunning wedding photography and we surely have some photos that will prove that!

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15 Award Winning Wedding Photos of 2015

We see so many amazing wedding photos every single day and every weekend, more and more gorgeous wedding photos are taken all over the world. Junebug Weddings has released the winners of their annual Best of the Best Wedding Photography Contest where more than 10,000 images were submitted by photographers in 45 countries. Pretty awesome! Today we wanted to share with you 15 of these award winning wedding photos that are simply stunning! Enjoy!

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